I lived!

My race recap will be coming in the next day or two I promise.  However I could not let myself finish the day without a post to my blog. 

I never in my entire life thought I would finish a 5k-race.  When JP did his Irish for a day all those months ago, I seriously thought he was out of his every loving mind!  As I prepped for the 5k, and my training turned to over training which turned to resting when my allergies kicked in with the shots I had I thought it was all over. Now I sit here looking at the list of upcoming 5k’s at Lake Como. Jen you are right, I think this might be something I end up hooked on.

As I walked around Lake Como yesterday afraid to start running I still knew I would finish.  I knew when I crossed the finish line I would have people cheering for me and I could be proud of myself. 

I didn’t however expect to be as emotional as I was during the duration of the race.  I had been lapped before I started running.  After I started running I continued to be lapped, and as I was lapped people would cheer for me, and I started to lose it! Tears streamed down my face, and I sobbed my way around the lake! 

There is lots to show and tell from the race my secrets to #WINNING and pumping up the pack, but they will wait until tomorrow, but I wanted to say, THANK YOU to everyone that cheered us on!!! Whether I knew you or not, everyone that told me to keep going, while you made me cry you totally helped me leave a part of me out there on that course and it rocked!

Time to get ready to pick up Elle for her return to Texas 😦  then more sleep!  I have now accumulated 4 hours!  wOOt WooT!

5 thoughts on “I lived!

  1. You earned every cheer and motivating gesture. You’re an inspiration, and I am so glad you got a little glimpse into what an inspiration you are. Love you, girl!

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