Weekend Recap

So now that I have obtained more than 2 hours of sleep I can tell you this entire weekend was AMAZEBALLS!

Friday Firsts

For those of you that don’t know, I live in Minneapolis.  This means there is public transportation available.  I have lived just blocks from the light rail since I moved here and had never taken it!  So Friday I hopped on the light rail (which is a train) and headed to the airport to meet Sabrina (of Sabrinaisonthemove) who was coming in from Florida.  I loved it!  I am a bit of a dork, I love riding on trains.  So Sabrina likes to claim she took my v-card… I like to think she was the result of me having lost my v-card for the train.  Together we rode the train into downtown Minneapolis and made small talk with a gentleman on the train who is a greeter at Target Field!  How cool! That is another place I have never been, but will be going this summer (more on that in another post)

We made our way to find Lindsay (of Priorfatgirl.com) and after a few minutes of small talk Linds went back to work and off to wander the skyways of downtown Minneapolis we went.  Of course we got lost on the way back to see Linds and ended up heading the wrong way!!! I knew when we hit a road that I recognized as being in the northern side of the city that we were in trouble.  All in all it was great to chat and share some one-on-one time with Sabrina.

Saturday Spending

Saturday I had taken off from work in order to spend time with anyone from the #Priorfatpack that wanted to hang out.  I figured it was such a critical weekend if anyone wanted to get pumped up and hang out I should be available!  I stopped off at Muddy Paws Cheesecake in Saint Louis Park and grabbed a Happy Birthday Sampler for dessert for us ladies and headed to see Sabrina.  Lindsay had some family things to do so I was going to get to hang out with Sabrina for a while.

We headed to the outlet mall in Albertville.  I totally spent a crap-ton of money at the Old Navy store there!  I bought a bunch of new shirts that fit and flatter my ever evolving body, I also bought a few new pocket t-shirts.  They are in proper sizes and allow me to ditch the old lumpish ones.  We wandered the outlet mall checking out all kinds of stores, nothing was as successful as Old Navy though.

After that we grabbed some healthy Subway sammiches then headed to le boutique de Target! We hit up Starbucks on the way into Super Target (and I hit it up again on the way out) I amused Sabrina I think by trying on things OVER my clothes while standing in the women’s department.   Cest La Vie!

Once returning to Lindsay’s place we chatted for a few hours, indulged in a slice of cheesecake and just relaxed.  It was so nice to have a night of girltalk getting to know these lovely ladies!  Yes we all blog, and comment and whatnot but it is so different to sit down and just shoot the breeze with someone.  Face to face interaction is a lost art, and I love it!

Supper Sunday

Sunday was the day of the big potluck at Ann and Jay’s party room!  Sabrina and I had spent literally a month getting everyone organized into what to bring and what time to show up and getting everything coordinated.  Our hard work so paid off!   The food was fabulous!!! The company was AMAZEBALLS! I arrived just after Lindsay, Elle (who had just come in from Texas) and Sabrina got there.  I lugged in all my tricks and treats and got set up and before I could really blink it seemed like everyone was showing up!

A quick look at our menu of which I am surely forgetting something from…

  • Chicken salad (Plain, Greek-style, Apple-cranberry-almond)
  • Healthy desserts (and not so healthy chocolate birthday cake)
  • Veggies/dip/hummus
  • Rye berries salad
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Green tossed salad
  • Chicken Brats
  • Pasta salad (with veggies)
  • Fruit Salad
  • Deli meats
  • Black Bean Salsa


The Potluck dinner was a smashing success!  Conversations filled the room and everyone mingled and made friends!  It was great to help everyone put names and faces to twitter handles and Facebook pages and blogs!

Ann was kind enough to brief us a little bit about what to expect for our first 5k at Lake Como with Charities Challenge.  We listened to her talk and had a great interactive question session! It really was a great night.  We were all very sad that not everyone involved with the 5k and the #PriorFatPack could make it.  Those that were not in attendance were very much in our hearts and on our minds (see what I did there)

Before we knew it time had flown by!  It was time for people to start making their way home to get a proper nights rest before the big 5k-day! Before everyone took off we knew a group photo was in order!  For once I didn’t try to duck out of the room when the photo was being taken.  I am happy to be in photos now!  I want to be seen as a part of my life!!!  I could already tell as people left that the #PriorFatPack first 5k was just the beginning of something big.


PriorFatPack PotLuck Dinner

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    • It really was amazing. I wish I could bottle up the energy and support from the #PriorFatPack and give it away! (because selling it would not be fair, although I would be RICHER than anyone should be!)

  1. You are the best recapper in the world!! Instead of writing my own, I will just direct everyone here!! 😉

    Thanks for everything this weekend! Can’t wait to see you again!!! **hugs**

  2. You’re going to Target Field this summer? You better not be going without me! 😉

    The dinner looks amazing! My only regret of the weekend was not making this dinner. Way to go to you and Sabrina for organizing such an awesome shindig!

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