Being Honest

“The best measure of a mans honesty is not his income tax return.  It’s the zero adjust on his bathroom scale.”  ~Arthur C. Clarke

So a big part of my journey has been being honest.  Being honest with myself and with my family and friends.  It has also been about being honest with my readers.  So let’s be frank (I don’t want to be Frank, can I still be Kris?… humor is my deflection) and honest here.  I have been living off the grid.  I have not tracked my food with LoseIt! since before I left to go to Pennsylvania. 

This is not to say I have given up on my diet or healthy living, I have just slipped into what feels right for me.  I am not obsessing over every little detail.  I am not weighing my 100-calorie sandwich thin to see if it really has 110 calories instead of 100.  (Yes I really did do that every time I ate one)  I am not currently freaking out over having not weighed in on my scale since before I left.  Yes I have planned to weigh in a few times since I have been back.  Yes I have forgotten.  See I only let myself weigh in on Sunday mornings.  I wake up and weigh in at the same time for the sake of accuracy.  I can jump on the scale at any time during the week and have fluxed several pounds so I like making it a set time.  I know I weigh less than I did at my last weight clinic appointment and that is satisfactory to me.

I WILL be weighing in tomorrow morning.  When I go to bed tonight I will be putting the scale on the floor in the kitchen so I can’t miss it this time.  Last Sunday with all the #PriorFatPack things going on it just completely slipped out of my mind. 

I think a big part of why I just gave up on being a super tracker was that the scale had stopped moving the way it used to.  When I started out on my journey the weight was just falling off of me like crazy.  I had people wondering if I had actually had gastric bypass surgery.  The weight-loss slowed down as I got smaller, and it has been frustrating.  We all know how plateaus are right?  Fluxing at that same weight, or for me between 1-2 pound difference.  I was working out so hard and eating my 1500 calorie target and it just wouldn’t budge. 

The 5k change came along in March and as I upped my training it became easier to cut my exercise levels down a bit.  I think at one point I was overtraining because my body just shut down.  Once I backed off things got easier again.  I don’t know how to do things a little bit.  So just before I headed to Pennsylvania I decided I was going to try to fly without a net for a bit there were only two directions the scale could move in right?  I am making conscious choices about what to eat, and doing so in moderation.  I evaluate when I am hungry, checking to see if there are other factors involved like thirst or emotions. I am not out hitting up Mc-Anythings or King-You-Know-Who’s or eating deep fried junk on any kind of regular basis. That being said I did endulge in a burger and fries at CraVe post 5k… after wanting fries for weeks… they were not as good as I had hoped 😦 

I feel almost normal living my life right now.  Balancing the gym with my eating.  During the #PriorFatPack weekend we celebrated Sabrina’s Birthday with some amazing desserts and I wanted to feel guilty bringing them to a healthy party, but in the real world these things exist.  In the real world we all make choices.  I can choose to have a slice of cheesecake and Starbucks on a Saturday and not feel guilty about it.  I didn’t go into panic mode which is something that when you “diet” in a bubble you will face when you reemerge. I am not sure when I will start tracking again… My 30th birthday is rapidly approaching and I had wanted to be under 250 pounds by then.  I guess when I jump on the scale tomorrow we will see just how close I am and what off gridding /living in the real world for a few weeks has done to me.

In the mean time, BIG HUGE AWESOME PROPS go out to MISTY!!!!! Who did a TRAIL 5K Today!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!! Talk about a #PriorFatPack member stepping it up!!!

6 thoughts on “Being Honest

  1. As we discussed, moderation is key! I believe that we have learned that through out our journeys. I certainly enjoyed my cake and cheesecake, thanks again!! But I do no regret it. I am working on a post solely devoted to this topic.

    And by the way, you are totally going to kick 30’s ass!! Yep, I said it! You’re a rock star!

  2. I am almost relieved that you are cutting yourself a break on the intensity of your food tracking — I was worried you were gonna strong arm me into buying that food scale, and I just don’t see that being something I could become “glued” to. 😉 I think what you’re doing is a good test to see how habitual your lifestyle changes have become. You know what to do, and I love that you know that a life of denying yourself things you enjoy in moderation isn’t a life!

    No matter the results of the weigh in, you are crushing this — you look so fantastic! I hope we can plan our Sunday brunch soon so you can wear that dress before you shrink out of it… maybe to celebrate your birthday? 🙂

  3. I think taking a break on the intense tracking will be a good measure of things to come, hell, you’ve learned tons about what to eat, what your body wants, what it the right amounts look like, I’m sure it’ll work. If it doesn’t, well just count it again, no harm done! I know you will Check Yo’self before you Wreck Yo’self!

    As you would say, “You Got This!”


  4. HI KRIS!!!!
    I just happened to be thinking about you right this very moment and I thought I should stop by and say hi. Thank you for always doing such wonderful recaps of the events you attend… I loved reading through your thoughts about the PriorFatPack 5K.

    You are a joy to know!


    • Elle, I am so happy that we had a chance to chat the morning of your departure. On all of your previous visits here it has been a rush to get you into the events and out and we never had any face to face time. I enjoyed getting to know you and share a bit about me with you and likewise. You are such a strong person and I look forward to getting to know more about you as time goes on! (huge hugs!!!)

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