Beat the Summertime Blues!

So a week ago today marks the dreaded day Minneapolis hit 103 freakin degrees (the fist time it hit 103 since July of 1988!). What a miserable feeling that was. When I moved to Minnesnowta back in 2005 I had no misconceptions about this state having a summer season. After this past winter, full of terms like “record-breaking snowfall” and “snowmageddon” you would think the heat would be a welcomed change. I never did well with the heat when I was a larger girl. My body seemed to not process the temperature as well as most other people.

Now that I am smaller, I find that I can now tolerate the heat a bit better. I in fact crave a bit of sunshine and warmth now! What a change this is! In the cold Minneapolis winter I needed to add a layer of warmth inside my extra warm down jacket to keep me warm. This is all new to me!

So Tuesday as the mercury was rising in the thermometer, and the sweat was dripping off of our bodies from simply just existing how was I supposed to get a workout in? I had really wanted to get my workout in, and luckily my gym has a pool! If my gym didn’t have a pool I would have likely just been lazy and called delay of game on account of the heat! Working out in the water is a great alternative to the land, just another benefit to Water Aerobics right? Swimming laps is great too, the water is just so refreshing! So I will be beating the summer heat in the pool and be trying to remember to hydrate (something I struggle with year round) Water is best, but if you have to add a sprinkle of Crystal Light to it to get enough in then so be it!

I was so excited when Misty told me that she was going to have a guest blogger this week giving us all some tips on how to Beat The Heat. I encourage each of you to take a trip over there and check out Laura’s guest post! She does have her own blog too! That is one thing I love about guest posts! They are a great way to find new blogs! So Thank you Misty for sharing Laura with us and Thank you Laura for helping us all out!

Now before I go there is one last order of business…


Happy Birthday Misty!!! We will paint the town together someday soon!

8 thoughts on “Beat the Summertime Blues!

  1. I love your new layout!
    We have had some major heat around Virginia, too. Rain finally came in on Sunday and brought some cooler weather. We have relief for at least a few more days.

  2. Hi! I discovered your blog through and I just wanted to say I think what you have accomplished is incredible! I’m 11 months into my own weight loss journey and reading your story is so inspiring.

    Good luck with the Minnesota summer while doing your workouts — here in NYC we also hit 100 last week and it was miserable…

    • Thank you Betsy! I am glad that you stopped by my blog, I spent the first chunk of my life on the east coast (Pennsylvania) and those summers were killer. It seemed like the heat would never end and the call of the pool was the only relief I can remember.

      Keep up the hard work 11 months on your journey is awesome!!! If you ever need some support you know how to find me! 🙂

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