So we have all learned things on this journey.  How to use tools to our advantage.  I think by now most of us when we pick up a package in the grocery store flip it over and check out its stats right?  By and large I would love to say I eat clean.  Lots of fruit and veggies, lean proteins that sort of thing.  These don’t carry nutrition labels, so I have to rely on other sources for that info like Http:// However these are not the labels I am talking about today.

I was all set to blog about this Saturday night, and then I ended up having to take a drive to Des Moines, IA for work and got side tracked.  Without a handy voice recorder I wasn’t able to get my thoughts down as quickly as they had come to me… but here goes nothing.  (side note I lost 3 blog ideas thanks to that drive)


It’s whats on the inside that counts!! These stickers upset me.  On so many levels I think these are wrong.  I know they are designed to be helpful to people in my line of work however the only time people seem to use them are on large boxes.

The boxes they are placed on are the ones that are the ones that would be, to most people, the obvious looking ones.  Large brown shipping boxes  24x24x36 brown boxes.  There have been occasions where these boxes are only 10 pounds, have no HEAVY sticker and are nearly launched into the air because I am expecting them to weigh more but usually a box that size weight a fair amount.  You know what boxes these stickers don’t go on? The small 12x12x12 or 12x18x6 boxes that weigh 50 or 75 pounds.  The ones that you don’t expect to weigh anywhere near what they do.

What I want to know is why is it not acceptable to label the smaller boxes?  Why is it only the big ones that get labeled?  I feel like it is the same way people are treated.  It is okay to point out to overweight people that they are fat, or that they should or should do this or that however it is not acceptable to say or do the same thing to the smaller person even if they have similar problems in other areas of their lives.

You can’t change the world I suppose, but I can tell you I label those small boxes if they are heavy.  I might even sport my weight on a Heavy Sticker for my 5k’s 🙂 Got to own it right?

(This made a lot more sense before I had to go to Des Moines, I had 3-blogs set to write, and they all left my mind in the 10 hours I was gone)

Also I would like to take a moment and send a VERY SPECIAL thank you to my dear friend Misty! As some of you may have noticed my blog here has undergone a makeover, much like I have, and My header has been custom designed by the #PriorFatPacks’s own LifeOffTheDList Misty!!!!  If you read my blog thru google reader stop on by   and see the awesomeness that is my new header! She had full creative and artistic freedom when I asked her to make a header for my blog.  She absolutly created something that captured my inner spirit!  I suppose my inner “Rockstar” drives a Jaguar! 😀 Kick Ass!!!!  Please let me know what you think, and let Misty know as well!  Thanks Babe!!! Love you!!!!

5 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Your post totally made sense to me =) It’s like seeing a small person eating a carton of french fries vs. a larger person… who is going to get the comments of “oh my gosh, why are they eating THAT???” It’s so unfair how much people’s perceptions are based on the size of the person that they see.

    • You’re welcome and thanks!! I was off and inspired today, so I tried a mini makeover on mine. Not nearly as fantastic as yours, but it’s a start! 😀

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