Breaking Down the Walls

When I was training for the #PriorFatPack 5k and actively trying to get my weight under control by any means possible I would become super fatigued.  I would get to the gym by 4PM and leave after 8PM.  This went on at least 4 days a week.  It was nothing new to me actually.  However what was new was the intensity with which I was working out.  I had been doing things like riding the bike, and running on the elliptical along with lap swimming and my class.  When the 5k kicked in it was eyes on the prize!  When I would get home most nights I would play on the Wii for a good hour or so.  (Can you see where the problem is here?) My weight wasn’t budging… and I felt like CRAP!!!!

I worked through the c25k program I made it through the first few weeks, making real strides and got stuck!  I was doing so great, building up my stamina, hitting the 3-minute runs with a good bit of ease, feeling strong and then came the wall.  Hard and out of nowhere my body wasn’t letting me move on!  In fact I was failing to do my 3-minute runs! Turns out what I think happened was a bit of over training.  In my quest to grab hold of what I wanted I was beating the crap out of my body.

So I backed off on my training, mostly because I was sick, but in part because I felt like a bit of a failure.  It was a difficult thing to admit to myself.  I wanted to be strong, I wanted to run, and feel free.  I continued to walk, and push myself to go further, but I slacked off on my hardcore training.  I threw away my c25k app (okay, I didn’t throw it away exactly, I just put it into a folder so I didn’t have to look at it) and started running intuitively.  I also told myself no more insane workouts!

So the 5k has come and gone, and I have jogged a few times, but I have not been back to the gym hardcore since then.  I take my water aerobics classes 4 days a week, but I have slacked on adding more cardio to my routine.  I try to maintain a caloric intake in the neighborhood of 1200-1500 a day, so I am guessing my body was undernourished.  Yes I have a lot of fat stores to burn off, but I assume I was not giving it enough fuel for the amount of exercise I was actually doing.

So Tuesday I hopped back onto the treadmill to pound out a 5k.  It was time to see what intuitive running could do and see what my stamina was looking like.  I want to resume the 5k training program, perhaps with better nourishment and a bit less intensity in my workout routine.  Those rest days are important, I get it… and I need to learn to let y body have them.  So what did I discover during my run?  I can still run!  The wall that I was having problems getting through before I can beat it down!  I started with 3 minute intervals, with walks in-between and a few 4 minute ones.  I really wanted to quit around mile 2.  I was tired, I had forgotten my water bottle, and didn’t want to get off the treadmill for a trip to the fountain.  I pushed on and watched the timer tick and the mileage go up.  I knew it was time to go for it.  My iPod kicked over to the next song and I upped the pace to a run again.  I started running, and I ran.  I ran for 5 minutes!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Not ony did I run thru the wall that I couldn’t break before, I felt like I could have kept going.  I was nearly done my workout.

I was proud as my run was nearing its end.  As the third mile clicked over I cranked the speed back up on the treadmill.  This time I went past my traditional speed.  I wanted to push for that past .10 mile!  I ran as fast as my chubby little legs could carry me.  The distance flew by faster than I imagined it could because when I looked down I had gone .16 miles oh well, not like it was going to kill me right?.  Perhaps I will use this method in the future.  HIIT training is super popular it can’t be all that bad right?

So I will be resuming my 5k training!  Just a few days at a time, not spending hours at a time on all kinds of machines plus other stuff anymore.  Balance is the order of the day!  I have a 5k on the books for Sunday, Fathers Day!  I hope the weather is nice… it looks hinky at the moment.  Either way I will be out there leaving it all behind once again.

4 thoughts on “Breaking Down the Walls

  1. I’ve found that traditional “training” programs don’t work so well for me, either. I feel like I’ve been at this enough to intuitively know how far I can push myself – if I listen, my body tells me. And why should I stop when a program tell me to, when I know deep down I can go beyond that? And why should I push myself to injury or illness just because an app says so?

    I agree that maybe your calories were too low for your activity. When I was logging calories that low I did lose weight, but my hair also started to fall out. Gotta get nutrition, too.

    I was hoping to sign up for that 5k with you on Sunday, but I will be tied to family stuff again this weekend. In the midst of all the family moves, Malcolm’s aunt is in the hospital. We don’t have all the answers yet, but she’ll be hospitalized for at least 10 days. I wish you strength, endurance, and lots of that trademarked PriorFatPack RAWWWRRRRRR to pull you through your race! I love you, kid!

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