Thank You!

So I just have to say as I sit here… 3 hours from kick off of 5k number 2 packet pick up that my nerves are starting to kick in.

I have not trained at all really for this one… I have been a slacker since the last 5k, with everything in my life spinning around I just haven’t spent all that much time on the treadmill or the track.  Is that what worries me?  Nah, not really.  Is the mysterious pain in my ankle of concern to me… well yeah.  I stopped at the store and grabbed a small compression sleeve for my ankle in hopes that it will provide me with enough support to get through the run this morning.

There is much less pain than Friday, when at some points I couldn’t put any weight on my foot at all(!!).  There are still twinges and sparks of pain that radiate, but as we say the show must go on.  I will be carrying my cell phone with me on the 5k just incase something were to go wrong.  It is a 2-lap event, so really if things go bad (worst case scenario) I can bail.  I am not expecting to bail on this.  I want it too bad.

So what is the deal with the nerves.  Well, It’s a Fathers Day race… so it’s I am guessing going to be mostly guys… mostly fast runner types.  I am slow… and female.  There is always that I don’t want to be last feeling.  I know there is nothing wrong with being last, because I am finishing, which is more than everyone who sits and watches does, and it is certainly more than anyone who slept in did!  I am going to have a good time, I am going to run/walk to drop off my emotional baggage along the lake (more on this later).  I am going because my dad didn’t want a Fathers Day present.  He gave me life, it is now my turn to live it!

I am feeling so very blessed this morning, having now finished work, not having had a crazy busy day at work, it was tolerable.  I received some praise for my excellent work in my job, which truly made me feel good.  I often feel like I don’t do enough at my job, when I know I do far more than most in my position.  I am also feeling so loved and cared for by my friends.  I had Facebook messages of support starting days ago, getting me pumped up for the 5k!  I also had emails, tweets, text messages, and even a special chat from people checking on me, telling me they were proud of me, supporting me.  I don’t think anyone could possibly understand how much it truly means to me to have this many awesome people in my life.   I wish I could give every single person a hug and find the words to say thank you because thank you isn’t enough. I don’t know at what point my life became so enriched with these wonderful people, but I am so grateful for it.

So I am sipping my electrolyte beverage, trying to head off the wonderful post-race cramps that I had last time, priming my iPod with some tunes (I even found a Michael Buble remix!) and looking through the photos from the last 5k.  I have my Polar HRM laid out, my “Future PriorFatGirl” shirt, My #PriorFatPack BondiBand, sneakers, sharpie marker is ready to add speed lines to my tattoo!

I am getting excited to try this again… but the nerves are still there.  You know what else is there… behind the tears that I am once again choking back (god I hate being a girl)… the sound of the #PriorFatPack cheering me on.  The sound of my friends calling me wishing me a great race.  Jen cheering with Iggy as I ran past at my first 5k… The RAWR that pushes me beyond my wildest dreams, oh and the thought that I have decided to stop for ice-cream on my way home from the race.  I don’t know where I will go… but dammit I want ice-cream!

So… Thanks #PriorFatPack

Also… Don’t think I forgot….Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! Especially mine, I love you Dad! This 5k is for you!


My Dad and I

6 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Love the picture, and you are going to do GREAT today at the race! For ice cream, Jay and I always go to Freeziac at the Mall of America. It’s up on the 3rd floor by the food court and it’s make-your-own frozen yogurt and tons of topings! Lots of fruit and delicious add-ins. Then you pay by weight – you can have a smaller serving and still feel satisfied!! 🙂 Love my Freeziac. Great job on another 5k, Kris!! You are AMAZING!!! 🙂

    • OOO I saw that place when I was walking in the mall a while back and forgot all about it!!! I am going to have to try it! I totally ended up skipping icecream after the race… it seemed too heavy after all that work. I just wanted to sleep. (worked full shift, killed time did 5k… yeah was time for bed) Opted for light frapp at starbucks and sleep.
      I will definatly be putting Freeziac on my Must Try list!!!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Recap should be up Monday! I think I will be laying off them through the rest of the summer heat! Lower 70’s plus humidity made for a very miserable end of the race, but I finished and was super proud of myself!

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