Back on the Track

~Singing… Back in the Saddle Again~

So… I am doing it.  I am not just saying I will do things, I am not going through the motions, I am back to basics.  Friday included a trip to Midtown Global Market for some of the killer produce deals at the Produce Exchange.  Blueberries, local snow peas, a HUGE container of Holy Land garlicy humus were purchased I enjoyed walk around the market passing up things like Chubby Girl Cheesecake and Pho, but enjoying the buzz of the market. I bounced to Burnsville for work, and then thru Super Target for some fresh corn, carrots, mushrooms broccoli slaw and lean meats.

Back to basics I keep repeating.  Water, water, water, I keep reminding myself this is a key step!  I always have problems with my hydration.  This may be my biggest stumbling block.  I haven’t found a bottle that works for me yet… best thing i can do is take one of the iced tea cups from caribou and keep reusing that until it dies.  (yes I have the reuseable cold cups, they aren’t the same).

The fridge is now packed with lots of fruit and veggies, lots at eye level. There are some easy go to foods in there, deli-ham (sings ham-ham-ham-ham-ham-ham in the conga-style song) hard-boiled eggs, sandwich thins.  I am ready to rock this thing again.

Tracking is still going according to plan.  I have gotten 3-workouts in at the gym this week and one non-gym workout.  Next week I am hoping to try out the MN Nice Ride bikes to see if that is something that is of interest to me for the year.  Not sure if I can actually ride a real bike… I can handle the stationary ones in the gym… but I dunno how my hip will handle a real live bike… but excitement is in the air!

Hope everyone is enjoying their first weekend of the summer!

10 thoughts on “Back on the Track

  1. Nice job getting back on the saddle. Proud of you!

    On a side note…I have never been to Midtown Global Market. Is it worth the 50 minute drive? I’d love to check it out.

    • I don’t know that it’s worth a 50 minute drive, unless there is an event or something going on there. I like to go over there to clear my mind and stuff. It is a really nice place to stop in, if you are ever in the area it is definatly worth stopping in there though 🙂

  2. Woohoo! Okay I’m not following what the ice tea cups are from Caribou (like the to go ones for cold drinks?) but I’m glad you found something you like until you find “the water bottle” I know how that goes! I might suggest buying one of the priorfatgirl ones, I feel so awesome drinking from it all day at work 🙂

    I haven’t tried a Nice Ride bike yet, I heard they are built tough and sturdy since they are outside all the time, and they are a little bit harder to pedal than some regular bikes, but also people seem to like them…so that should be fun! Jen (priorfatgirl) actually posted this week about an ipod tour you can take on the nice ride bikes! If you like riding the bikes this time around, wanna try the tour with me?

    I love that you have filled up your refrigerator with good goodies!

    Sara – Midtown Global Market is the bomb, yes go there 🙂

    • Yeah, the cold drink cups from caribou, or starbucks, i like the feel of that particular plastic I think. I have a PriorFatGirl one and to be honest, it just isnt my cup of tea. I used it when I was trying to hardcore push water and it just wasnt working for me. I hit my teeth with it, it sweats too much with cold drinks and its hard to clean. So it sits in my closet now. :/ Back to the drawing board for bottles/cups

      If the bike riding thing works out for me Id totally be down for trying the tour with you!!! That sounds awesome!!! 😀

  3. Excellent Kris! Doesn’t it feel great to be more in control? That’s how I always feel when I’m on track, in control!

    I haven’t been to Midtown Global Market in a few years. But I do remember how much I also love the buzz of the place.

    I bought a reusable plastic cup from Caribou with the reusable straw. I like it. I also have a Camelback water bottle. But I don’t like that I have to remember to squeeze the water out of the mouth piece…ewww! I agree with you 100% on the need for water. It’s also always been a struggle for me too.

    Anywhoo…I’m so proud of you for jumping back in the saddle! 🙂

    • I don’t know if I like being in control or not honestly! It’s almost overwhelming to have the task at hand to manage more things in my life, but it is for sure something I need to do. It is beneficial to me to know i can maintain, but I can’t stay above 250 forever, okay i could but I don’t want to!

      I may buy one of the caribou reuseable cups and give that a shot I didn’t like the starbucks ones they had at christmas time but the caribou ones look a little different, and have a different feel to them.
      It’s worth a shot atleast 🙂

      Glug Glug!

  4. Hey lady – just wanted to chime in on the water bottle – I have a Nathan Human Propulsion Labs bottle (bought at REI, Dick’s, Sports Authority) – I LOVE IT! I literally can’t function when I forget this bottle – seriously can’t drink water from any other bottle (I realize how nuts that sounds but its the truth). It has a straw sipper and I love it – it’s similar to the Camelbak but I think its better (personal preference). Just wanted to throw my two cents in on the water bottle situation! You are going to rock it!

  5. I know what you mean about finding a water bottle that works. I must have 20 sad water bottles. They’re sad because I don’t use them. They worked all right, but not well enough.

    I found *my* water bottle. I love the first one I bought so much I bought a second one so that I could have one at home and one at work – I hated forgetting it at either place! I bought the “More Water, Less Regret” water bottle from the PriorFatGirl site. Jen says the bottle is magic, and I am inclined to agree with her. I drink a *ton* of water from this water bottle. I’m not usually a “pink” kind of girl, but I love the color because it’s easy to find in the house. 🙂

    Hope the Nice Ride bikes work for you… I saw quite a few of them out on the Greenway this morning!

    • I have one of the PFG bottles, i used it for a while, it just wasn’t my thing. I didn’t mind the color but I think I prefer to not drink from metal.
      The brita bottle hasnt been bad, atleast I feel better about just filling it up in our office or when Im on the run since it filters the water to taste a bit better. Silly girl who grew up on well water moves to the big city and hates chemical flavoring in the water!

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