Setting New Fitness Goals

So Monday night I plopped down infront of Twitter, (although I must be getting older because I want to call it the Twitter like the tv or the computer) and I started catching up on the days events.  I happily tweeted about my new water bottle.  I will find a door to successful hydration.  I would happily respot to an IV drip but I don’t think that is actually an option.

Then I was reading a few more of the active tweets and @EricaMayer tweeted about her before photos.  We chatted briefly about struggles with weightloss and I discovered I am jealous of her!  Of what exactly? The fact that @EricaMayer can do pushups!!! I tried as we tweeted, I cleared a spot, got down on the floor and “honest to blog” I tried! I can lift a 250lb+ person and carry them across a room.  I have incredible strength in my legs and my back.  I lack strength in my arms.  I cant lift weights, doctors orders.  So… what does this have to do with anything?  I have never been able to do anything other than that girly cheater pushup that kids do as a copout in gym class.

I have set a new goal for myself!  I want to be able to do 10 pushups!  I was going to set it as one, but that seems like I am just doing it to do it and would quit.  Underachiever much?  So I am embarking on the Pushup Challenge! Starting today I am working the program, starting with “Wall Pushups” then “modified” then onto “mens.”  I have no misconceptions that this will be easy for me.  Like I said I have never done a pushup in my life but just like the 5k I am ready to take on a new challenge!

Anyone want to join me as I quest for PushUp Success? #10PushUpChallenge

3 thoughts on “Setting New Fitness Goals

  1. Awesome challenge! Umm…I can do 10 push ups on my knees, so I guess my challenge is to do 10 the “man” way! Hmm..I’ll try some tonight and report back! I might be able to do them. If so, I’ll work on doing one armed ones.

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