Okay, once in a while I find something that makes me stop dead in my tracks.  I call it being dumbstruck.  Last night after I dropped my car off at the shop so it would be there to get worked on first thing in the morning I headed to the local grocery store to pick up a few things.  Lettuce, a plum, some Kemps frozen yogurt cones… but as I walked up the center aisle of the store I was dumbfounded when I saw this….

Really?! Now why did this catch my eye? Simple!  The flashy watermelon on it!  I love fresh fruits and veggies that is no surprise to anyone!  However this coupon pushes my buttons.  While I am happy to see that it appears to be valid on any coke product (Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite Zero included) not just the regular sugar filled sodas, I think this sends a mixed message about healthy eating. I understand ALL the reasons why the do it intellectually, however I just wanted to point out that this offer just stopped me in my tracks… Literally.  There I was head cocked to the side literally scoffing at the audacity of coke, saying “Really?! Really…?! What in the..?!!!”

I am glad to see the Coca-Cola company trying to encourage people to eat more fruits and veggies, at least that is how I am choosing to interpret this offer.  I just don’t like the fact that not only is it a “buy two” offer but that Coke is capitalizing on the regular sodas but that this coupon was not placed on a single solitary diet soda bottle! Back when I had my 3-a-day or more diet soda habit I would have loved this offer!  (Although I was never a big fan of the 2-liter size) So perhaps my view is a little jaded by my lack of ingestion of diet soda.

Now remember the shop smarter classes with Stacy Klone, of KitchenWerks from a few months ago?  She told us there is no point of buying something just to use a coupon, so I am sure there are a large number of people who will buy either the soda or the watermelon just to save the dollar and will end up spending money they didn’t intend to spend just to get a deal.

I have friends that are currently struggling to kick their diet soda addictions, and here they are taunting us with coupons for healthy foods that we want!  I hope those of you currently have lots of success,  it does get easier.  I am pretty much off the diet crack.  I have one here or there, but not like I used to be.  It just doesn’t taste as good, and it isn’t a reflex anymore.

Do you have things that just boggle your mind?  Things that just don’t belong together?

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