So here we are Ladies and Gents! July 1, 2011.  My 30th birthday is mere days away.  Months ago I set a goal that I wanted to be 250 pounds (or less) by the time my birthday rolled around or I was not going to turn 30.  Realistically we all know the birthday is going to happen whether or not the scale is my friend or not.

I try not to let my life revolve around my scale.  I have been known to go weeks without stepping on it these days.  Not due to anything other than the fact that it is just one measure of how things are going.  I am not afraid of the scale like I once was… however… every time I get on the scale my box of excuses seems to rear its ugly head.

Do you have excuses when you weigh in?  Whether it is on your own scale at home or at the doctor’s office, or weight watchers or anywhere else you might get on a scale I am sure you have at some point tried to justify a flux in your weight.  I find that I not only justify any weight gain, i justify any weight loss!  The most popular excuses I have used have been, “I drank a lot of water so I must be bloated”, which is my goto excuse when I go from not drinking anything to chugging down 10 16.9-ounce bottles a day just before weight in day.  “It is sweat related weight loss” which is usually my excuse when I weigh in just after any big exercise binge.  I have also been known to step off and on my scale as many as 10 or 15 times when it is giving measurements that change with each reading.

So can anyone offer me an excuse to pump me up before I get on the scale Sunday?  I don’t know if I will see a loss or gain, or just stay the same!  Help a girl out, tell me I am not alone!

2 thoughts on “Excuses!

  1. Nah, you are never alone! In fact, I haven’t been on the scale in 2 weeks or so. I could layer up the excuses right now, but that won’t change the fact that I have become some what complacent.

    I know you’ll find your groove again. Keep sweating it out at the gym, and chug that water!

  2. Finally got on the scale this am and did an official weigh in …to my shock I am down .8 since my last weigh in …over a month ago! I still cant believe that I am down with all the stress I have been under and the lack of consistent gym time but I’ll take it! You will get below 250, It may not be by your bday but you will do it here soon! I have faith and know you can do it!!!

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