Taking a Break (oh no not again)

So today blog isn’t about weight loss or counting calories.  It isn’t about how major food makers try to trick people.  Todays blog is actually about stepping back and enjoying what life has offered to us. Taking the opportunity to say YES and Thank you, and enjoying the good things that happen in your life when you make these changes. Don’t worry little ones I have not strayed.

Friday I set the alarm a bit early and headed out in the 90+ heat (105 heat index when I left) to answer the cry for help of a dear friend Liz!  She was trying to secure people to help move Vacation Bible Study sets from another church to hers.  I grabbed my Brita Water Bottle before I left.  I am really trying to make the effort with the water consumption, especially in the heat!  We shared the burden of loading the truck, we needed more help loading at the first site and people pitched in!  We got the truck loaded in no time, and unloading we found ourselves some tools to help with that too!  Hot and sweaty and a job well done!  Old me would have surely not been able to help with this job.  Old me would have avoided the work.  Old me would have never been asked because I would not have ever had the opportunity.  Thank you Liz for giving me the chance to help you.  Even if at times moving those green poles and set pieces was Pandamonium!

Later in the evening I attended a going away party.  As out President pulls troops out of Afghanistan a friend of mine is being shipped off.  Headed to… wait for it… Afghanistan.  Yep, not much more to say about that.  Tonight was a BBQ party for friends and family to give him a good sendoff.  I got there fashionably late, stated at 6:00, I arrived at about 6:25, some things can’t be helped.  I collected hugs from familiar faces, and handshakes from new ones.  I mingled and chatted my way around the pavilion in my new summer dress.  (Oh yeah, I didn’t just wear my dress I ROCKED my dress.)  The compliments flowed on how lovely I looked, and how others must have missed the memo.  For once I didn’t feel like the schmuck in the pocket t-shirt under-dressed for the occasion.  I also didn’t feel over-dressed.  I made my way to visit the rest of my friends and pitch in with the grill-master.  The food was typical fare of burgers and hotdogs, and non-typical fare of chicken marinated in popsicles!  Can you imagine?! It was REALLY tasty! You can’t beat the taste of food off a grill.  Oh wait, yes you can, when it is food off a grill surrounded by your friends!  We laughed as the grill got so hot it melted the bottle of seasoning we had next to it.  We chased down the trash as the bag blew over.  We fed the squirrels, and by that I mean dropped several hotdogs off the grill, not on purpose, but hey, they roll!

We watched the sky as the storms rolled in, and as the fury of the wind kicked up we all banded together to clean things up so they didn’t blow away. The rain started pouring down in buckets along with multiple lightning strikes many of the party-goers left, but a few remained.  These are my people.  The rain poured down and we walked down to look at the Lock and Dam (Number 1).  Standing there watching the water, feeling the rain fall onto my skin, accompanied by my friends I was living in the moment.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, tilted my head back and just tried to let the moment sink in.  These are the things I want to remember.  These are the moments that I want to look back on in years and say, yes! I remember standing out in the rain, after all it was my first time stopping to actually look at the lock & dam.

After we were thoroughly soaked we went back under the pavilion and the rain continued.  We all sat and talked about all kinds of nothing really.  Nothing of significant importance, nothing that will change or shape the world.  The lightning show continued and we stayed put.  We could hear the sirens in St. Paul start to sound and I am fairly sure the ones in Minneapolis went off as well, not sure if they were just severe weather or tornado.  We had no plans on going anywhere.  As quickly as the storm kicked up it started to pass.  Clearer skies started to appear to the west.  A red sunset formed to the west of us and to the east… a full rainbow.

In the past when I have gone through tough times, struggles, or times when I felt like there were unbeatable odds I have looked for signs.  When I was young my cousins parents were going through a divorce.  It was a tough situation on them, at least from where I was seated.  It was also rough on me, it was messy and ended with a fun story about a gun!   Anyway, the night before the case went to court we were all outside, and there was this massive rainbow over the house.  Somehow we knew that meant things would be okay.  We knew that everything would work out right.  I think tonight’s rainbow was a sign too.  A sign that my friend will go on his deployment and return safe.  (I always worry, it is what I do).  I am also taking it to mean that in my own shitstorm of life things will work out.  I can’t rush things, or change some things.  I can however enjoy what I have now.

So here I am taking a break from what I thought my life was going to be, and enjoying what it had become.  I am living in the moment, saying yes to every opportunity I can.  I want to live an enriched and full life!  Thank you friends for improving my life.  Thank you weather for providing me with the chance to try to imprint tonight in my mind.  Thank you rainbows for reminding me that things will be okay… we just need to have faith.

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