Independence Day

Many years ago I had a dear friend from the UK, we haven’t spoken in a long time, but as I stood on the light rail platform overlooking lake street I looked skyward and sent out into the universe a wish for him to have a Happy Independence Day. We often think of July 4th, our young nations birthday as only an American holiday.  Les took offence to that and we often joked about how it was also a British holiday.  I digress, whether it is was BBQ or watching fireworks many of us took to celebrating the Fourth of July with some old-fashioned traditions.

For me the Fourth this year was a BIG FREAKIN DEAL!  For those following along it is no surprise that it was my very first Twins game!  What is more American that baseball?  Apple pie, that has too many calories… how about baseball played on the Fourth of July!!!  As I said above I took the light rail into downtown.  Deanna and I met up at Lake Street station and with some creative texting we got onto the same train heading to the game. (Cell phones FTW!)

We got to the game and out seats before things started, which is always a good thing.  I had time to send out a few tweets and texts about being at the game.  I could feel the energy at the field.  I was excited… I had gotten myself pumped up for the game Sunday night.  I predicted good things and we would see how things “play out!”


Deanna and I, Twins Vs Tampa Bay 7/4/2011

The pregame stuff was old hat, the first pitch, the National Anthem.  They saluted the Armed forces/Vets which is AWESOME!  Especially since I have family and friends that are active in the military.  The game was awesome!  I passed on the hotdog that came with my ticket and gave it away. We were in the “family section”, which apparently is code according to my friend Malcolm as the nosebleed seats.  I like to think of them as the air-conditioned seats, as we were in the shade!


See all those SUCKERS in the sun!!!

I loved seeing all the people at the game… the energy was just unreal! To top things off after the kiss cam, in the next section over there was a proposal!!! She said yes!!! How awesome! Then again, what are you going to do say no to a sold out crowd at Target Field when you are on the big screen? I had a great time singing along to Friends in Low Places, and shaking my groove thing to the music. I have concluded that baseball was not meant to be watched on television. It like so much else is meant to be experienced. (Life Lesson here kids!!!!) Before long (really!) we were through the seventh inning stretch and the ninth inning was upon us. Hesitant for a repeat of Saturdays’s game where the Twins made a real stinker out of things we sat on the edge of our seats heading into a shutout. There was the pitch, the swing, the crack of the Rays bat… the ball flew toward the wall… and…

TWINS WIN!!!!!!!!!


We Leapt to our Feet!

Woo hoo!  The crowd roared back to life as the Twins shut down the Tampa Bay Rays to open the series.  My first Twins game was a success.  I looked for some friends that were sitting close by but I didn’t spot them so we wandered around the stadium for a while.  No reason to rush out to the light rail and wait in line with ALL those people.

What other American things could we do today, we discussed lots of things, and decided on some coffee and more chatting and since we both took the train into town, we hopped on it and road it right to the other end and hopped of at Mall of America! We walked to Caribou Coffee and chatted until the place closed at 6:00.  Holiday hours.  Blah! Turns out we had matching plans for later in the night.  We took the train back and exited at our respective stops.  I was asked out for a drink by a fella on the train.  I still have this warped sence of self that I can be attractive.  Too many years of being unhealthy, and too hard on myself.  I am getting better, with a little help from my friends 🙂 Plus a random stranger here and there seems to do a body good.

My evening included a trip to McDonald’s for the only thing I ever want there… a vanilla ice cream cone (YUM!) and a trip to the Riverview Theater for the 9:15 showing of Thor.  I enjoyed the movie, however the bridge in the movie left me thinking about Rainbow Brite.  If you have seen both you will understand what I am talking about.  The movie got out just in time for me to catch the fireworks over downtown Minneapolis.


Fireworks Collage

I didn’t get any great photos of the fireworks, but I cropped together a few of the photos I did get to show you a few of them.  Today was a great day spent thinking about the past and the future.  Laughing and loving life. I can’t wait to do it all over again.

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