Ring In My Birthday


For those of you that are living under a rock… Today I turn 30! To honor this fact I am throwing a party and YOU are invited!

As kids we all went to a birthday party right?  We all had that goodie bag to take home right? One lucky reader gets a chance to take home a goodie bag!  Okay, it isn’t anything super fancy, just a bit of nostalgia really.  Today I was at the store and decided that I would share one of my old favorites revisited with you.

One lucky reader gets a chance to take This Home!

SugarFree RingPops


According to the Nutritional Info each of these babies have… 30 calories! That is my new age!  Perfect  portion controlled, individually wrapped and I can be an adult that feels like a kid!

So heres the part where you come in… Want to take home the goodie bag from my party?  It’s Easy! The prize is the 3-pack of SugarFree RingPops, and you never know what else I might throw in!



Thanks to all who entered!

  1. Just share your favorite birthday memory or story with me. It can be a childhood party at the roller-rink or your 21st party where you got loaded on blowjob shots and harvey wallbangers! I want this to feel like a party!
  2. You can Tweet about the giveaway. for an additional entry

Be sure to leave a seperate comment for each entry, Make sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you in you win!

Disclaimer: Winner will be chosen by random.org on July 11, 2011. USA residents only. Contest open from 00:01 July 6, 2011 until 23:59 July 10, 2011.  KrisGetsHealthy.com is the official sponsor for this giveaway and was not compensated in any way for this contest.

9 thoughts on “Ring In My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Babes!!! Love you!!!

    My favorite birthday memory was the year NKOTB was doing their Step by Step tour and it just so happened that the day the tickets went on sale was my b-day. Well I got up that day and my Mom was no where to be found…she was gone all morning. I started to get my feelings really hurt because I just knew she had forgotten my birthday. Turns out She went and stood in line all morning just to get tickets for me and my best friend. I was almost in tears by the time she got home but she sure made up for it and had no way forgotten my b-day! Man I miss her!

  2. Okay so you already know about this because you were there, but my FAVORITE birthday so far was my 34th this year! For the first time EVER I was thrown a surprise party! Omigosh, I was totally surprised!! Everyone was hiding in the garage and the weather outside was horrible and I thought my boyfriend wanted me to help him fix his garage in the rain and I was getting a little crabby and then I opened the garage door and SURPRISE!!!!! so many of my friends were there and my family and my boyfriend’s parents it was so awesome!!!!

  3. Splenda Ring Pops?!?! Man, I love advances in low calorie treats!

    I don’t have a lot of clear birthday memories, other than my worst one. I shall spare you from that, and share my most recent memorable birthday. It was when I turned 25 — I was still living in Phoenix and went to see my favorite local band with some friends. The band called me up on stage and sang Happy Birthday to me in front of the entire club. I was DYING of embarrassment, but was thrilled at the same time (these boys were HOT!) 😉 I’ll never forget how it made me feel. 🙂

  4. When I was young my mom would make scavenger hunts for my friends and i to find the birthday cake. It was always great to run around crazy right before the sugar!

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