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How close do you look at the food you eat?  I mean, really?  Being on a diet is expensive!  We all would love to score a great deal at the grocery store or farmers market right?  Remember that post I made not too long ago about Coke and Watermelons?  Yeah! Great deal!  Veggies and fruits don’t come with labels, so I use their information is very accurate and reliable.

I am a “Calorie Counter.”  That is the main focus of what I track in my eating plan.  However I also keep an eye on other things.  I watch ingredients in food, in part due to food allergies, and in part because I just do not like a ton of junk in my body.  Some is okay, let’s be realistic I am not able to have whole natural unprocessed food all the time.  I also look at other things on the ingredient labels, like fat carbohydrates and sodium.  I am not obsessed with them however while I was at the grocery store last evening I picked up a package of 10/$10 pork chops, just to see what kind of garbage you get at $1.00 a piece and was stunned at the label.


This is seriously disturbing!  This is a four-ounce piece of pork.  Now to me 160 calories for 4 ounces of mean isn’t too horrible.  There are far worse and far better right?  Then when you take a deeper look at the stats… this piece of mean is far from what I would call lean it is 56% fat! Look a little closer at that photo (sorry for the blurriness, I didn’t have my digicam I had to rely on my cellphone) and take a look at the sodium content in this 4-ounce chop.  See that number listed next to SODIUM 1050mg which is 44% of the RDV.  How insane is that?! Seriously, that is disgusting to think about.  To give you an idea of just how much salt that is, 1/4 teaspoon of table salt is about 600mg of sodium.  This was a pork chop not Salt Pork!  The chicken breasts were almost as bad having near 30% RDV of sodium per serving.

So what have we learned from this experience? PLEASE READ THE LABELS! More than just the calories and fat.  More than just what is required to calculate your WW points.  You need to look at the big picture of your food.  It is crazy to think how much garbage can go into your body when you aren’t paying attention or when you think you are trying to stay on a budget.  Cheap food is often times garbage!  Garbage in garbage out, you get what you pay for!

6 thoughts on “Nutrition Information

  1. yes! GIGO!!!!
    thanks for posting this; there are so many traps that are easy to fall into. things SEEM like a healthy option but really aren’t.
    keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. You would be amazed at the sodium in things….especially “healthy” things! They add in sodium to make it have a taste other than card board in tons of products. As a nutrition major and diabetic I have to look at nutrition labels all the time. It’s really sad but like you said I just cant (and can’t afford to) eat 100%whole all natural foods. I love fresh vegies but sometimes I just cant afford to spend half my grocery money on just veggies!

    What is also amazing is if you look at the ingredients and how many things you either dont know what the heck they are or you really dont want in your food are listed in those labels. Even finding something simple like apple sauce with no sugar added and no HFCS in it is challenging. I mean come on apples are all ready sweet enough! It makes me so angry when I look at my grocery bill for myself and my daughter to know that I can’t afford to feed her(and me) what I would truly like to all the time.

  3. Having HBP, I ALWAYS check the sodium. This number is second to calories, for me. It seems to be the one nutritional label item that many overlook (I used to), that food companies still saturate their products with. No bueno!!

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