Battered and Bruised

So it is time to share a little bit more about my funkadoodle disease. So sit back in your chair and prop your legs up.


My Typical Legs

What is wrong with that picture… aside from the fact that my Minnesota white girl legs are white enough to blind anyone?  They are covered in bruises!  It seems that the more active I become on my journey the more my body rejects my choices at every turn.

The type of ehlers-danlos that I was diagnosed with is called Classical Type-II. Patients have hyperextensible (stretchy) skin that scars and bruises easily, some hypermobility of the joints, and smooth velvety skin. They can suffer from sprains, dislocations/subluxations of the joints, flat feet etc along with the risk of hernias and surgical complications.

That part in there about the bruises easily… what an understatement.  All those bruises on my legs, not a single one of them is from anything I can recall.  They show up after I go running, or out for a long walk.  They show up when I go play.  Granted I get horrible bruises when I do things like hit my legs but these are all activity related, not because I was clumsy.  I show others my bruised legs just to show how much of a pain in the ass my invisible illnesses can be.  I have similar bruises on my arms and elbows from resting them on a table for too long.  I have even bruised my rear from sitting down on a hard chair!  Not cool!

I am sure you are thinking so what?  They are just bruises, but they do hurt to touch, some of them contain tiny lumps.  I often rub on some Burts Bees Res-Q ointment to try to fade them a bit quicker, but it seems like my effort is wasted, as one fades more just show up.

I feel as though my body is just fighting me as I try to become more active and try to stay active.  I tell myself that my body is not a failure.  It just wasn’t given the proper equipment for the jobs I am giving it.  I guess I need to reach out and find others that are in a similar situation where their bodies are just not designed to handle the goals that they want to attain.  There is nothing I can do to cure Ehlers-danlos.  The only treatments available to me are things like joint protective measures and then treating the pain and injuries with traditional measures like rest and ice.  It sucks.  I am going to keep trying, Never Give up, never surrender… I just need to learn to stop feeling bummed about things I can’t control

5 thoughts on “Battered and Bruised

  1. You can do this girl…you may have to take it slow and be more cautious but I have faith you can. Never let anyone tell you that you cant! Its like with my diabetes I could so easily use it as an excuse not to do things. Yes, it takes more planning and gets in the way sometimes but I CAN do! We got this! While not exactly the same things, we will overcome and show th world that nothing stops us! RawRRR!!!

    • Thanks Ash! It is sometimes hard to remember that I am stong for fighting through the crap, but I have to keep going after what I want. I know there are lots of people with far greater illnesses that do amazing things. They inspire me to keep going, It just gets me down when I see my arms legs and the rest of me covered in mysterious bruises.
      Thanks for your encouragement and support!

  2. Thank you for sharing about your disease! I’m glad that it’s not stopping you. I always try to tell myself that it could be worse. Can’t wait to hear more about your own journey!

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