Life Moves Fast

So Friday I had the opportunity to take a short walk to the bank and up to Seward Co-op to get some fresh local produce to make my BIG salad for dinner.  I often forget how many little things I miss because I spend so much time in the car.

Back on Easter Sunday I took a walk and spotted the signs of Spring all around us.  Flowers popping up in a rainbow of colors, reminding me that spring was just around the corner.  Todays walk served as a reminder that life moves fast, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you are going to miss something.  I took a different path there than I did on the way back.  I had my camera with me, as I tend to do when I go out and decided to share with you two things I found.


Don't Pollute!

This particular design, and one other, was painted near just about every drain along my path back to my start point for my walk.  When I saw it I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever!   I am certain that the people looking at me taking photos of it thought I was insane, but I had NEVER seen it before.  I am sure I have driven over it dozens of times… (or perhaps not, maybe it was newly painted?).  I was happy to see this particular drain was not littered with garbage like the next several I saw.  I have no respect for people who throw trash from their cars.  If you don’t want that Cheetos bag in your car perhaps you should eat it at home, and don’t get me started on cigarette butts!

I continues my walk and I came across some writing on the sidewalk.  Typically when the sidewalk has been relaid and defaced it is with something vulgar, or names and other such things.  This one had quotes written on it.  I read each of the quotes, and thought about them for a moment.


As every drop of gold is valuable, so is every drop of rain. ~Chinese Proverb

I suppose I ethically struggle with this particular one.  I am so happy that I got to see it.  I would never have noticed it while driving.  Especially since I do not drive on the sidewalks!  However it is vandalism, it is art and expression, and beautiful, but it is still not right.  I wish they had done it in chalk.

I got to see the Emerald Ash Borer survey traps that are set up near one of the local parks.  Those I do notice, I am familiar with the detection traps, and the bugs.  They are horribly destructive.  There were some people staring at the traps and I explained what it was, and what the bugs do.  It was nice to feel helpful.  Again, another thing I wouldn’t get to do if I was in the car.

I guess I need to try to make walks around my neighborhood, and perhaps other neighborhoods more of a priority.  It is like a treasure hunt!  I totally understand why Janelle has taken to her most awesome project of navigating all 81 neighborhoods of Minneapolis with  Minneapolis81!  I have been living here in Minnesota since 2005 and until the beginning of this year I had really not done much in the city.  I am looking forward to getting to know where I live.  One of my big goals for this year is to make it to the State Fair!  I hear I simply must go!  I imagine it will be similar to my Twins Game experience.  A lot of people watching, a ton of fun, and a lot of “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

So when was the last time you slowed down to take a look around you?  Does your neighborhood or block have a hidden gem or treasure that people would miss if they were driving by?  Share it with me, and tip Janelle off she is looking for tour guides for neighborhoods in the city!

Also Today is the last day to enter the Ring in My Birthday Giveaway! You know you want to enter this! Really… trust me!

One thought on “Life Moves Fast

  1. I think I’m the only person in Minnesota that will openly say this, but I detest the Minnesota State Fair. Its hot, its crowded, its full of fried nasty food! 🙂 I tried to like it, I really did, but I just couldn’t. That said… it is certainly something you have to see at least once! Have fun!

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