Get Back On Track! #PriorFatPack

Dear #PriorFatPack,

I have noticed a recurring theme here in our little family lately.  A whole lot of “I am not tracking like I should be” and a good bit of “I am not working out like I used to.”  So I propose a challenge to you all!  I want one solid week of your time.  I want one week of honest to goodness give it your all accountability for your actions to yourself and someone else.

Leave your contact info (Twitter Handle, Blog URL, Email Address, whatever you are comfortable with) in this post, and I want accountability here!  Trade phone numbers via email, and text message or call each other!  We are in this together and I want to see everyone reaching out to help each other succeed!  Heck, if you can wy not set up a walk-date, workout-session at your gym or virtual workout!Many of us are locals so why not use this to our advantage!  We have this amazing community and I think it is time that we start using the resources we have built-in!

What do you say? Are you in it to Win It?  Time to get back on Track? I’ll gladly give up my digits and text or call anyone in need to a buddy!  Just let me know! Let’s do this!

20 thoughts on “Get Back On Track! #PriorFatPack

  1. Kris, what a great idea!

    Twitter – kellybeeeee
    email kelly (dot) a (dot) berry (at) gmail (dot) com

    I have the following workouts scheduled this week and I really have no excuse not to get them in, since I’m not working, except for sheer laziness. If I do this week of workouts as scheduled, I’ll be far more likely to do the same next week, and the week after, etc.

    Monday – Off
    Tuesday – Run/racewalk 45 min
    Wednesday – Bike 45 min
    Thursday – Run/racewalk 45 min
    Friday – Off
    Saturday – Run/racewalk 15 min, bike 45 min, run/racewalk 15 min
    Sunday – Run/racewalk 4x800meters

    • I’m in!

      corryndavis at gmail dot com
      Twitter: @corryn

      My exercise plan, which is semi weather-dependent is:
      Mon: C25K
      Tues: rest
      Weds: C25K
      Thurs: possible Do Life Tour 5k casual run?
      Fri: bike commute, C25K
      Sat: help a friend move, bike
      Sun: beach play!, bike

      • Corryn, and others in the general twin cities area – I have a treadmill and an elliptical and a bike trainer and a rowing machine in my basement. I can offer those if it’s raining and someone still needs to get a workout in. I have a tv/dvr hooked up so you can watch trashy tv while you work out (shut up! People’s Court is what gets me through some treadmill workouts) or listen to music. Feel free to email and we’ll coordinate. 🙂

  2. Love this idea.
    Twitter: Minnesota_Ann
    Email: ann [at] [dot] com

    Also – I need the most accountability with emotional eating. I need help to make sure I am not justifying a bad food choice because I am “stressed” “angry” “frustrated”, etc. My goal is to stay within healthy calorie range every day and move my body for 30-minutes. Walking, running, lifting weights, stairclimber. Just get movin’ again!

  3. Kris….KUDOS to you for lighting this FIRE!!!!! accountability is KEY, i believe, and it all starts (and RE-starts!) with motivation.
    Excellent! Very happy for you…don’t mind me if i sneak over everyonce in a while and say hi, and GET ON IT! yes!

    • Thanks Gene! I find that motivation only gets you started, and restarted, it is determination and dedication that keeps you going, and it is damn hard to keep that fire stoked sometimes.
      You are always allowed to sneak on over! I am happy to have you onboard!

  4. oh I love this….I really could use a few buddies to help me along the way. since I am in ct I am in for virtual workouts as well as I would love to get in on the texts. I have a few functions this week and could use the extra help. My email is and I am on twitter @mommahunt16. Thanks in advance for the kick in the pants

    • It is hard to make time for ourselves, I am learning how to make time for myself… and in doing so I am trying to learn how to balance my relationship with the gym and having a social life.
      I don’t have the kid component to juggle, I can’t imagine how you guys do it! I can barely manage my own life most days

  5. I suppose I should reply to my own post eh?
    Krisgetshealthy (at) gmail (dot) (com) will get me
    I am open to giving out my digits for text phonecall support, just not leaving them on the blog (duh!)

    I hopped in with both feet to the gym today and logged elliptical time, bike time, and water aerobic class! For me It is more about making time to do more than just my water class every week. It is also about logging my food. I make good choices more than 90% of the time), I just have been quite relaxed in recording them.

    I am heading back to the gym tomorrow, planning my water class at 6pm and a walk if its nice out or elliptical session inside before that, maybe from 4p-5p. I need to get out of the 250’s before I break my scale!

  6. Well, I managed to complete all of my planned workouts but Sunday’s workout. After the duathlon workout in the heat on Saturday, I needed Sunday to rest, so I did. But I did a 5k on Thursday, and did my other planned workouts for the week. Thanks for the accountability, Kris! Looking forward to this coming week!

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