Hump Day Hurdles!

Hump Day Hurdles

Happy hump day everyone. I trust you have all been good little minions worker bees and have been getting those workouts in and calories tracked right?!  I also trust that you have been doing your part to motivate each other.  If anyone has not gotten a buddy yet, please email me!  I will be your buddy!  Texting Tweeting Emailing whatever you need!  Especially if a phone call at 5am to wake your ass up is what you need, that is my area of specialty!

Now, I know Wednesday isn’t everyone mid-week point.  There are some of us that work 12-hour shifts on Saturdays, which makes the week just drag on even longer, but that’s neither here nor there.  Today is a very pivotal day. Think about your typical week, for example, if you go into the office Monday morning you have a hellish day, you eat like crap because you didn’t remember your packed lunch, and oh what there is a 5:00 soccer game for little Jimmy? No time for you to get to the gym.  Oh I’ll just work out harder tomorrow. Tuesday rolls around and the paperwork is piled up at work, but you are doing better, you have your healthy lunch and you go to the gym but the parking lot is full, but you still make your way inside.  Your favorite machine is being used, so you half-heartedly do a short workout just to say you did it.  On your way home you grab dinner at the store.  Something quick and easy perhaps, or not.  Then it can be back to work, or off to a school function, or out with friends or even a nice night at home reading the latest Janet Evanovich book!  Wednesday comes and there are doughnuts or muffins in the break room, or perhaps it is someones birthday.  All of a sudden the two half-assed days you have had already turn into this excuse.  “Oh Well, I ate junk and missed a workout this week, I’ll just start again next week.”

We have ALL had this happen at some point on our journey.  Whether it happens on a Friday night when you are out with the girls dancing and drinking, or on a Wednesday you can’t give up.  One bad decision will not make or break your lifestyle.  They call Wednesday hump day, for many many reasons.  I’d like to think for us it shall be the hill we crest on our way to another week of greatness!

If you have already stumbled this week it is time to get up and dust yourself off!  If you aren’t making the time for yourself then you need to make the time.  No one but you can make this journey.  You need to make yourself a priority in your own life.  I can totally understand that it is difficult to balance everything in life.  Too many balls in the air and you are bound to drop one, but if you dont take care of yourself you certainly wont be fit to run the show!

So Happy Humpday!  We shall crest this hill, pedal harder, swim faster, run longer, RAWR more and get over this hill together!  Just like our hero Mariah We too can be UNSTOPPABLE!  Now get out there and Sweat!!!!


4 thoughts on “Hump Day Hurdles!

  1. I LOVE the photo at the end. You may just cause a rally in the #priorfatpack! I’m happy to report that I woke my butt up at the crack of dawn and ran a 4 miler with hills. Feeling good!

    • That is awesome Becky!!! and I hope I not only cause a rally but a riot!! I want people to feel as empowered by the pack as I do. You guys all awaken something in me, a desire, a drive, to… just do amazing things, and make sure that the experiences are shared, and show that anyone can do anything that they truly want.
      Glad you are feeling good! Keep it up!

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