Sleeovers are Informative!

So as this post goes live, I am hopefully in a state of deep sleep remembering to breathe and not having my airway collapse.  I am hooked up to a ton of sensors and wires and my reevaluation has begun.

That’s right folks today is the big day, I go back to the hospital for a sleepover! You must be thinking oh wow how very exciting, un-enthusiastically.  Actually it is kind of a cool day.  When I was first diagnosed with Sleep Apnea both apnea and hypopneas were heavily present.  This means I was stopping breathing and I was shallow breathing. My sleep study in 2009 was marked URGENT MUST READ IMMEDIATELY, and since our medical community is so great, two weeks later it was still not read for my followup.  When I sat down with the doctor at that time we discussed my weight, and possible genetic disorder (Ehlers-danlos), both are known contributing factors to apnea and hypopnea.

I was set up with a CPAP within a day or two, and luckily they had been able to titrate the proper pressure during my sleep study.  Fast forward, as the weight is coming off and the pressure on my CPAP felt as though it would blow my head off! More than once I had to call and get the pressure arbitrarily reduced due to the weightloss.  So now I am sitting with my CPAP pressure level at a 7 I started out at a 13 I think, so that is a pretty significant reduction.  The pressure can only be reduced to a 4 before it is deemed not needed at all.

In recent months I have found myself removing my facemask while I was sleeping.  I am unsure if it is due to my allergies, or the mask needing to be replaced, or if it is just that the pressure isn’t right.  When I sleep without the CPAP I feel fine now.  Not like I felt fine before either.  I had no idea I had such a chronic case of apnea when I was diagnosed.  I was having blips during the study several times a minute.  I was always tired, but I figured that was part of being fat.  I have been sleeping without my CPAP for a few weeks, and I seem to be doing fine.

So the doctor ordered another split-night sleep study be done.  So that is where I am right now.  I am due to the hospital at 5:00AM.  I will be re-outfitted with wires and electrodes and look like a monster.  Don’t worry I am going to try to take a photo.  So what am I expecting the outcome of my night away from home to be? Well, let’s be realistic, I am still a woman who is 5ft7 and 250-ish pounds.  I am still fat.  I have a chronic connective tissue disease which makes me prone to having my throat close shut because my collagen wont hold its own shape, so I am expecting to be told that I need to continue with CPAP therapy a bit longer.  I really have grown to dislike being attached to a machine no matter how wonderful it has helped make my life.  I despise traveling with my CPAP, taking it through the airport is as bad as being behind the couple with the kids and the stroller who don’t know what 3-1-1 means in an airport.  It’s the slow lane.

What I am envisioning for myself is a night of wonderful restful sleep on the sleepnumber bed, with the flat screen tv to relax with before I shut down for the night.  I will breathe perfectly, and it will be one more thing to cross off my medical list.  So if you get a few moments and your into that kinda thing, take a breath and send a thought my way.  I will pretty much know my results by the end of the night, if I wake up with a mask then I still need it.  If not, then I am golden.  2 weeks from now I have a followup with the doctor and I will have the actual results.

So I am off counting sheep at the hospital.  More updates tomorrow! Be well everyone!  Remember to groove your body!  I hit the gym 4 times in 3 days now… You better step it up! I will be after all of you… right after my nap!

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