It’s All About the Numbers

So this week I got my BodyMedia Fit monitor in the mail.  A birthday present to help me along the way with my healthy lifestyle. This is a whole new step of trying to break through my plateau, and perhaps find progress like I once had.  I hope this works.

First Impressions of BodyMedia Fit

I am currently struggling to figure out how I want to log my calories consumed.  With their system the data resets at midnight.  Midnight isn’t exactly my bedtime, its more like evening for me. So I think I will be working to log my calories consumed on the day they were consumed rather than within what I considered my day.  For example, when I wake up at 2pm, what I eat for breakfast I will log as lunch of afternoon snack in the system instead of what I would have previously called breakfast.

The logging software would greatly benefit from a bit more customization options.  As someone who work the hours that I do, the “sleep efficiency” portion of the data is messy.  It logs from noon to noon as 24 hours… which leaves my sleep split between the days.  I am not super concerned about this feature, as long as the calories aren’t reported on the wrong day.

I have the digital clip display, I find myself checking it a lot right now, mostly to see how many steps I have taken, and to see how many calories I am burning.  I set my goal low for the first full day of wearing it.  (I wore it for a partial day on Wednesday, when I went to the gym and such to see how it worked out).  With a short walk around the local Highlandfest looking at artwork, a little bit of Wii Just Dance I easily hit my 5000 step target and my 30 minutes of moderate activity.  I changed the targets at the end of the day to try to challenge myself to move more!

Most of the time I don’t notice that the strap is on my arm.  I usually only notice it when my flabby loose skin decides to start folding over the band.  It isn’t so bad, I just adjusted where the strap was and went on with the day.  Sleeping with it was fine, no weird lumpyness or anything like that.

I took a screenshot of today to show you what the interface on their website looks like.  Each of the arrows on the left side of the page opens up the section and allows you to look at data or enter information.


BodyMedia Fit dashboard

I am looking forward to seeing exactly what happens with the use of this.  At the very least it is a great experiment and I am hoping to have great success.  So there you have my first impressions of my new gadget.  I will be posting about how things are going on a fairly regular basis, along with any obstacles that occur with the unit and any positive things I find as well!


Note: I was not compensated by BodyMedia Fit for this, I purchased the product on my own and pay for the subscription to their website myself.  The opinions presented above are mine alone.  Please consult a doctor before trying any fitness program or diet..

3 thoughts on “It’s All About the Numbers

  1. I’m so excited for you, I’ve been neglecting Bud due to my recent set back, but I do love love love him. I can’t wait to see how this tool works for you long term. Congrats on your new toy 🙂

  2. I have one of these and used it all the time until I recently switched to a FitBit. I really liked it and, when I was accountable to myself and to it, I had great success. I do agree that their website is a little clunky.

    There were 3 reasons for my switch: First of all, I felt rather conspicuous wearing the arm band and really wasn’t comfortable with the questions I would get about it (and I still have a tan line from it). Secondly, I have sensitive skin and would frequently get a rash from the monitor on my arm. Finally, my mother-in-law gave me the BodyMedia as a Christmas gift. No, I didn’t ask for it. Yes, it was incredibly awkward and more than a little insulting (even though I ended up liking it and using it quite a bit). Those are all pretty personal reasons (especially the last one!), so you may not have to deal with any of them.

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