The Best Laid Plans

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry definition. ~John Steinbeck

So how did Back on Track week go for you?  Did you find what you wanted in an accountability partner?  Did it help you?  How did it feel to be trying your hardest again?

The Back on track week totally rocked for me!  I am officially back on track logging my food!  My exercise was on the uptick during the week too!  I felt myself pushing to do my very best because I knew someone would be asking me how I did for the day.

Did you struggle during the week?  Did you shoot to make it to the gym 5 days and only make it 4?  Did you plan to write everything you ate down and then get overwhelmed by it?  Let’s talk about what happened during the week, leave a comment and we can keep moving forward.

The important thing to keep in mind, and something I say over and over again is that every decision we are faced with gives us the opportunity to have a victory!  A bad decision only lives on as a bad one until we make a good one!   We must keep moving forward with these decisions and not mourn or grieve or obsess over them.

So this week do you have a plan?  Are you sticking with your gym routine?

Perhaps you have figure out by now I did not make my 250 pounds or less by my birthday goal.  I had all these great plans for myself, putting that goal with a date was a bad idea!  I have a trip to the weight clinic on Tuesday.  I am actually dreading this appointment for the first time since I started my journey.  Since March I have been stuck fluxing in the 250-260 range.  Previous to this I have had losses of 15 pounds or more or so between visits.  I am scared of what is going to happen when I go.  I don’t want to be told I am a failure, because I feel like one already.  It is frustrating to work so hard and see things not work, then give up and still not have any changes happen.

Perhaps my body is just happy at this weight.  I read about stasis points before… but I am tired of it.  So that’s all there is to it.  It is time to face the music and get things heading in the right way.

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