How Morbid!

So Tuesday was my followup with the doctor at University of Minnesota weight management clinic.  I arrived early, and took a seat in the, what can only be described as bariatric-patient friendly chairs.  All the chairs in the waiting area are oversized for obvious reasons.  I feel a bit out-of-place in the waiting area, I see a woman and her daughter point at me and whisper to each other.  They are both about the size that I used to be.

My stomach for the first time since late 2009 is flip-flopping around unsettled.  I was dreading stepping onto the scale.  I had not been in this part of the hospital since I think March.  I have been fighting a plateau, then gave up fighting and enjoyed the ride of just maintaining.  I didn’t like the thought of facing the music.  I didn’t want to step on the scale and have the remote possibility that they had gone the wrong way.

They called my name and led me down the hallway.  I dropped off my water bottle and purse and headed off to the scale.  I slipped my shoes off and stepped onto the scale.  I knew last time I was 260.  It matched my home scale, today the scale fluxed and didn’t seem to want to pick a weight.  The numbers flicked back and forth.  Finally the settled on 253.  253, that is a 7 pound loss since my last visit.  I’ll take it as a loss is a loss!  It is however not as great a loss as I have ever had.  I must focus on not beating myself up over progress that doesn’t happen on my timetable.

We sat down in the exam room and it was vital time.  Blood pressure came out at 114/60 the nurse remarked that it was low.  I mentioned that I was concerned that it had been getting lower and lower as the weight had come off.  My oxygen level was at 100% once again it was remarked that this is very unusual.  Most people get about 95-97% I generally get to 99-100%.  She then looked to see that my resting pulse rate was 50! This puts me in the resting heart rate area of a well conditioned athlete! How amazing is that!

I waited a while and the doctors personal nurse came in to chat with me a bit about my progress, and concerns.  I am unsure that the 1500 calories a day that I have been shooting to consume is actually right for my body.  With the amount that I workout I think I should be perhaps consuming a little bit more.  She said it is a simple formula and that I could even perhaps go as low as 1000 if I wanted to try to get better results.  That idea seems counter productive to me.  I know that it is a math formula, and calories in vs calories out, but I think I’ll be giving the BodyMedia Fit target of around 2000 a shot on the days when I am super active (burning over 3k) and closer to 1500 on days when I am less active.

The doctor mentioned that she would like to use me for a case study, showing that diet and exercise can be a successful way to treat obesity.  I was not chastised for not losing enough or fast enough.  I was praised for continuing my success.  We discussed a little bit my food choices, and it just seems that I am in one of those awful plateaus.

At the end of the appointment we covered everything left on my chart.  We decided that due to my ever decreasing getting into dangerously low blood pressure levels that it is tie to stop my blood pressure medicine!  We crossed the sleep apnea off the list and the hypertension off the chart as well and revealed that I no longer have any co-morbidities listed with my obesity.  I also now have a BMI low enough that I am out of the Morbidly Obese category!!! Yes okay let’s be honest, I am still Obese, but I am out of the Morbid category!!!! All the co-morbidities are gone!!!! This is AMAZING

So todays fretting over my doctor’s appointment was really all for nothing.  The world didn’t end when I stepped on the scale.  I got a copy of my little graph showing how much I have lost and that I am still doing a good job.  I am reinvigorated, which mashes up well with #BackOnTrackWeek (2)

250 I am gunning for you!!!

14 thoughts on “How Morbid!

  1. I find I need to adjust my calorie/nutrient intake depending on my exercise for the day. Same as your car, really. No fuel required for sitting in the garage. Wanna go somewhere? You’ll need fuel.

    • It totally makes sense, I just need to find the right type and amount of fuel for my tank again I think. 🙂 It has been one heck of a learning experience on this bumpy journey thus far

  2. This is just so wonderful!!!!! Congrats no more sleep apnea or blood pressure meds, this is huge. Yeah for you

    • Thanks Erica! It is amazing… So many things I never thought I would be able to change in my life are being fixed or made better by changes that I have made. It is real solid proof that when I want something bad enough I can actually get what I want! 🙂

    • Thanks Becky! I had no idea when I started out on this journey just to feel better that I would end up literally saving my own life. I really have taken hold of my own destiny at this point. I look back on where I was in 2009 and think, my goodness if I had not gotten off that track and onto this one where would I be… and that is such a scary scary sad place to think about.

  3. Wow what a huge accomplishment! Congratulations!!!
    Sometimes when you think you have hit a plateau, a lot of it is mental 😉 your body is still reflecting all of the nutrition and fitness efforts you are putting in!

    • It’s time for my body to catch up and move along! 🙂 I want to se the 250’s gone!!! 🙂 I have been reflecting for long enough, tie for the mirror to shatter and the new me to step through!

    • Thanks girly!!! I miss you like crazy… Once school is over for you, we will have to have a long night of gossip and girlyness. I miss our chats! We will surely have tons to catch up on.

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