Bumps Along the Way

Well, Tuesday I took a bit of a nasty spill at the hospital. I skinned my left knee, it’s quite bruised, there was enough blood that it dripped down my leg and pooled at my sock, but appears to be more of a rugburn type injury than any type of laceration. The bruises on that leg are getting less painful. My right knee however seems to have not fared so well.

The bruise wont photograph well, but when you see it in person it is raised and swollen. It is also a very DEEP bruise.  It hurts to touch it, so I don’t.  I can get around without much issue so that is what I am doing.  Still working out, just modified!

I suppose what I wanted to share about my fall is really just that when I fell, I had intended to walk the 3 miles home from the hospital.  It was hot out, and we were in the hottest part of the day.  The blood was dripping down my leg and the sweat was stinging my bloody knee as I walked more than half of the way back home before calling for a ride.  While I have curtailed my workouts to not overdo things while my knees heal I have not stopped.

We all hit bumps in the road during this journey.  We all slip and fall and when we are on the ground we have to make a choice.  We have to make that decision to get up and fight for what we want.  It is no different from when we wake up every morning and make the choice to eat something healthy like oatmeal or fresh fruit, or a hard-boiled egg white instead of a sugar-filled cereal or an Egga Mooby Muffin!  We may stumble, and struggle, war is bloody and battle is tough, but we are all worth the fight.  The battle is long, but we must keep fighting.

The deep bruises on my knees may keep me from being able to do things like crawl around on the floor right now, but I will overcome!

Keep fighting everyone!!! Those bumps and bruises are just a test! Make the right decision and keep moving forward!

7 thoughts on “Bumps Along the Way

  1. You take your lumps better than anyone I know. SO proud of you, your determination, and resilience. You inspire me to stay away from those stinky Egga Mooby muffins (LOL!) You reminded me that every Halloween, the only appropriate costume I can think of for myself is Silent Bob. Sad, huh? 🙂

    • Hey there is something to be said for that sexy sexy man in the trenchcoat! There was a time when I wanted to have his babies! (even if I didn’t want babies) I adore me some Kevin Smith.
      Iam glad I can inspire you to stay away from the junk! It is just one decision at a time that leads us to Victory! 😀

  2. Oh, you’ve misunderstood – Kevin Smith is sexy as HEY-ULL! … Just not a good look for ME, is all. I’d like to have a bod decent enough to rock something a little more… feminine. 😀 And it feels good to “smell” victory again. The Finish Line is coming into focus more than it has for me in a long time. 🙂

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