Aspirations of Inpiration!

What to you Aspire to?

What a very odd question to ask.  Here I sit in front of my computer alone with my mp3 player cranking out Justin Timberlakes Sexy Back.  It is just after midnight as I sit here having not posted at all over the weekend.  I am happy to report my first week with my BodyMedia Fit has been a success.  I am chomping at the ass of 250lbs.  My weigh in on Sunday put me at 251.6 pounds.  Saturday could have been better exercise wise, but I can’t help when work is so busy that I can’t get in my daily step count.  Solution to this was found on what I called #SweatySunday where I went to the gym and pounded out 4 miles on the elliptical as fast as my chubby little legs would carry me!  I am so much faster on there than I used to be!

So back to aspirations.  I am here, about to make my nightly rounds, which include reading blogs, commenting on blogs, catching up on all my tweeps, replying to Facebook’s messages and whatever other shenanigans I can get into on the web.  I start scrolling through my Facebook notifications and I stop dead in my tracks.  I have a message on my wall.  A message from my Aunt Paulette.  Now you get a little back story!

Now a lot of us have that one aunt or uncle or relative that we bonded with when we were younger.  Mine happens to be Paulette.  She was the one who would take me shopping after the holidays to spend my Christmas or Birthday money,  we would make it a fun outing, a girls day if you will.  I asked her to be my godmother when I was old enough to figure out what that meant.  To me that meant if something happened to my parents that is who would take care of me.  When I started college, during highschool I lived with her.

She is an amazing woman, she is incredibly strong, smart and just… well there are no words really.  I have looked up to her for so many years.  She is a CRNA, and has the kindest heart.  She is also in the U.S. Air force and has served our country proudly for many years.

So back at the end of June I was surprised when on my Facebook I received a message from her that said “I just heard about you completing the 5K. WOW!! That has always been a goal of mine, maybe someday.  Soooo Proud of you”   When I read this I thought to myself, well what the heck is stopping you from doing a 5k?  If I can finish one, surely you can!  I told her a much, and last week guess what?  She did a 5k mudrun!!!! When I saw a photo of her I welled up with pride! She ran with her daughter (who is super-fit and a runner, and has been a runner for a long time) and grandson!

So Flashing ahead again to today message….


Obviously I cropped out her personal info, but this brought tears to my eyes.  When I started out my journey to get healthy, it truly was my very last attempt to save my own life.  I was in the most dire of situations.  I never thought that I would be able to change my life.  I hoped at most to be able to just feel a tiny bit better so that my miserable existence would just hurt less.

What I have managed to accomplish since October of 2009 when I look at it is honestly and truly the stuff that people can’t believe.  I don’t know where along the way I switched from just wanting to feel better to wanting to be better but I did.  This became, a journey not just for me and about me, but a journey to help others.

I want everyone out there to know that they are not alone.  Even in the darkest hours, in the times when it seems like there is no hope, and nowhere to turn to I want people to know that there is always help.  The #PriorFatPack is an example of a group of incredible people filled with so many incredible stories of so many struggles and triumphs that it just amazes me.

So as I continue down my path to grab this life that I never knew existed I am willing to help anyone I can along the way.  I don’t quite know why anyone would find me inspirational, and you know what, that is okay.  I can accept that others can find inspiration in me, or others can use me as a role model.  I don’t need all the answers, I don’t claim to have the answers, but I will keep looking for the answers I want.  I am flattered that I inspire people to want to do things with their lives.  I am so flattered when people in my life tell me that they have lost x-amount of weight because they were inspired by me.

I want to keep inspiring people, So thank you everyone for inspiring me to keep going!

2 thoughts on “Aspirations of Inpiration!

  1. You are truly inspiring! You seem so grounded and genuine and that makes it so much easier to also want to try hard to accomplish what seems impossible. Keep it up girl! 🙂

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