Mostly Wordless (ok, very-wordy) Wednesday

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I spent Monday and Tuesday in the gym!  2/2 so far this week Hell yeah!! Today however is a day jam-packed with fun, a trip to the hospital to get the official results of my sleep clinic visit.  Watch twitter stream for up to the moment updates there, appointment is set for 3:15.  They will be getting an earful about the problems I had the morning of my study.  Later in the evening I am going out with some friends.  I am hoping to get in a few miles after the doctor’s office but before I go to the comedy club.  Thursday I have a workout date set up in Woodbury with my friend Jenn to get our sweat on!

So I meant to post this on #SweatySunday but Today is as good as any…


Do you SEE that sweat pouring off of me?  I was working so hard!  Pounding out the miles on the elliptical.  I will break out under 250 pounds.  I am “chomping at its ass” I WILL succeed!!

I am still having some residual problems with my knees from my fall last Tuesday.  Remember the photo of my bruise from the fall… well they are changing color and the pain is starting to subside.  I can actually touch the bruises now.  I had up until yesterday not been able to touch them at all without intense pain.  I had been using Burt’s Bees Res-Q ointment on the bruises, it helps but it hurts to put it on because you have to touch the bruises!

So I am all about flaunting my icky scars and bruises, it’s the part of me that is like a guy.  Tonight at trivia I showed off my bruises.  Well… let me just say I feel so honored… Anyone can get a cast signed, but seriously who else gets their bruises doodled!


I don’t want to shower tonight (luckily I don’t need one as I had just come from the gym) but I LOVE this.  It made my bruise feel better.  Silly right?  It’s way better than any icepack or band-aid!

So Happy Wednesday everyone.  I hope to bring medically cleared good news tomorrow!

Also… Have you heard about the PriorFatGirl Summer get together?  Are you Going?  I am!  I am SO EXCITED!!! I will be attending both parts of the event and would love to meet you there!  I have attended several events in the past and have always come away from them with so much valuable information.  Check out the posts linked as One Breath One Step to see my recap from the last event!

4 thoughts on “Mostly Wordless (ok, very-wordy) Wednesday

  1. I’m with you for the flaunty of bruises 🙂 I’m so excited to see you post once you get under 250, you are totally nailing it.

  2. For you to work as hard as you are, being all banged up, I am amazed and inspired. You are a rockstar, and I look forward to you stomping all over the face of 250 and moving on down the path. Love that sweat! RAWWRRR! Looking forward to our workout tomorrow!

  3. Where are you “getting your sweat on” in Woodbury? That’s my stompping grounds, I workout at Gold’s Gym. Nice face on the bruise, cute!

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