Beating the Odds

So yesterday at 15:30 I was officially given the clear to unplug my CPAP, put it back in its carry case, and place it into my closet. I have officially and unexpectedly beaten the odds of sleep apnea.  My doctor said 99% of the people who come into the office with sleep apnea will never be given a discharge.  My chart in the history column now says sleep apnea.  This is truly amazing news.  Sleeping with the CPAP was not the end of the world, but it made things like traveling a bit more cumbersome.  I was so relieved to get this news.

On the heels of this wonderful news came the news that I need to see a cardiologist.  Apparently during my sleep study my minimum heart rate dropped to below the 35bpm rate and this was cause for alarm to my doctor.  A week ago I was being praised for my resting heart rate of 50, and being told I have the heart rate of a well toned athlete.  This week I am being told I need to see a cardiologist for some sort of electrophysiology consultation because they think I have asymptomatic bradycardia.  I do have occasional symptoms that match bradycardia, but I don’t know.  I am trying to leave the diagnosing to the experts now.  There is a chance that this could be caused by some bad medicateing with my thyroid meds.  I was already waiting for lab results on that, so we shall see what happens with that.

To celebrate my official confirmed cleared diagnosis of sleep apnea I walked home from the hospital.  I live about 2.5 miles from where the hospital is.  It was a nice afternoon for a walk.  I had no idea what the distance actually was until I looked it up to log it in Daily Mile.  I am truly trying to remember to log my miles.  I did so well in the beginning logging my mileage… and slacked off… We will never truly know how far I went this year… but I am trying to remember to log my miles.

I was a bit bummed as the evening wore on, thinking about how when the universe shuts a door it opens a window.  It seems every time I medically close a door a window opens and another problem shows up.  I feel like it is a never-ending battle.  I was feeling mopey and sorry for myself, there are much bigger problems in the world, so I got dressed up and followed thru with my plans for the evening with my friends.  Plans that I had made WEEKS before all this went on! I put on a dress, and sandals and my fake black pearls and spent the evening out with friends at the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis.  We saw some very funny comedians perform including Miss Shannan Paul who totally rocked the house!! I had a nice night with Corynn, Deanna, Meredith and Ryan laughing at the raunchy sex-laced humor of Pat Dixon.  It was just what the doctor ordered so to speak.

I topped the night off with a stop off to see some more friends and to collect a much-needed hug from the artist who doodled my bruise Tuesday night.  I missed one of their famous barbeques, but I had to make an appearance, for however brief it was.

So today I am located in Woodbury, at Anytime Fitness with my dear friend Jenn.  We are sweating our buns off! I have been looking forward to meeting the trainers that she works out with since I heard about them months ago!

Look for a recap of my workout tomorrow! Hopefully with photos!

2 thoughts on “Beating the Odds

  1. I forgot to ask you — do you have an appointment scheduled with the cardiologist? While I am pretty confident everything will be fine, I hope you’ll keep me posted. The thyroid meds do seem like a viable explanation, so stay positive, sweetie. Love you!

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