My Anytime Fitness Date

Both tears and sweat are salty, but they render a different result. Tears will get you sympathy; sweat will get you change. ~Jesse Jackson

So today was the big day.  I finally had my very first workout in a gym with a buddy.  I fully believe that the bonds of love and friendship have been truly strengthened between Jenn and I by our sweaty session together!

I woke up early, and headed off to Caribou Coffee for a before workout caffeine buzz, this was my workout fuel.  I got a Northern Lite Latte to start my day, chatted with Jenn a bit and before I knew it, the time to sweat was upon us!  We headed over to Anytime Fitness in Woodbury and it was go time!  We arrived at the same time the trainer did and I was fortunate enough to meet both Sharon and Herm who own and train people at that Anytime Fitness.  Sharon got Jenn and I started with some stretching for a few minutes and then we hit the ellipticals for a quick 10 minute warm up. I pounded out just over a mile for my warmup and I put on my best pretend trainer hat and pushed Jenn just a bit and saw her shine!

I was so proud of her as we worked up a sweat side by side blazing a path on those ellipticals!  It ROCKED!  She is the very first person I have ever done cardio with.  No one has ever wanted to go with me, it is kind of a bummer that we live so far away from each other because I think it would be really awesome to make gym dates with her!

After our warmup came the training session.  We decided since I have taken two falls in the last week that perhaps a balance session would be a good idea.  We used the balance balls and did all kinds of squats and core work.  It was a really good workout.  Sharon did an amazing job keeping my limitations in mind.  She was very mindful of my joint problems.  It was a very awesome session.  I can easily see why Jenn, Mal and JP have taken such a liking to the gym there.  We did some wall push ups, which were super easy… (I still can’t to a boy push up, but I can do girl ones on the floor!!!)

I held my own, even though Sharon took it easy on me.  I think she was impressed with my abilities.  Having never trained on land before it was a great new experience for me.  I definitely think I may have to look into a personal trainer as a gift for myself in the future.  A few sessions here or there just to kick my ass in gear and try something new once in a while might be good for me.

We finished up with Sharon after about 25 minutes and did a bit more stretching, and then hopped onto the ellipticals to round out our workout with just a bit more cardio because that’s how us FuturePriorFatGirls like to roll!  We get our sweat on!  I used the elliptical as a cooldown, but found myself feeling competitive when I saw Jenn was ahead of me by the time I got my weight set on the machine!

That was a surprise to me… I didn’t know I had that competitive streak in me… okay maybe I knew a little bit.  Before we left the gym there was only one thing left to do… no not shower… we wear our gym stink proudly, sweat is a badge of honor… We needed to show our #Rawr!


We are forever bonded in sweat now.  That is how you truly know you have a friend… when you can get sweaty with someone, and still go have lunch with them… before hitting the shower (sorry anyone at Panera! really we weren’t smelly just sweaty) you are truly friends.

Thank you to Jenn for letting me come and sweat at the gym with you, and push you just a bit I had so much fun!  I do expect to hear that you were back in the gym every day for the rest of the week!  I also want to thank Sharon and Herm Gilbert for letting me come into the gym and train for the day.  Your fitness center is awesome!!! I wish I lived closer because I would totally be a member at your gym.  I look forward to visiting again one day soon.  You are amazing people and I think what you are doing for the community is just awesome.  Thanks for giving so much of yourselves to change the lives of others.  You guys totally Rock!!!

8 thoughts on “My Anytime Fitness Date

  1. So much truth to the comment on friendship–if you can sweat together and then go out without showering then you KNOW you are friends. My best friend and I bonded so much more once we started running together. Love it!

    You both look SO HAPPY in the RAWR picture. Fantastic!

  2. Best workout I’ve had in months, and I have to thank you for pushing me. And for putting up with my constant attempts to sugar coat the entire workout with humor… coping mechanism? 🙂

    Sharon and Herm were psyched to have you visit, and I know they would welcome you again, as would I. I do love our smiles in the photo (we don’t even look tired?), and I like the fact that I can start to see a little muscle chunk somewhere under the goo in my taffy arms! RAWR!!!! Guess the extra credit weight lifting is starting to pay off. And if I didn’t get a chance to mention it… your top is totally CUTE!

    It was such a great time, and thanks for suggesting the play, too – loved it!!

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