Thank You

Thank you for the ass kicking on Sunday’s Pity Party post!  While I did not enjoy Monday’s time at the gym I did go.  I did sweat.  I put in 30 minutes on the elliptical logging a full 3 miles, and then I switched to the recumbent bike for 15 minutes.  I headed to the pool.  We had no instructor for class tonight.  (bummer)  We were on our own.  I worked out in the pool for about 75 minutes before calling it quits.  Class usually runs about 55 minutes.  I feel it was a good effort.  Here is some photo proof from the gym taken between my cardio and swimming workouts….


Yes that is sweat dripping down my shirt… as Jen, a priorfatgirl says Sweat is beautiful!  It however doesn’t feel beautiful… that sweat puddle was matched on my back and felt like ICK!!! I was happy to be moving onto the water portion of the workout!

It was and had been a challenging day.  I did not dip into my meds, more than a few Tylenol.  My list of calls to make this week is growing longer by the day… I think I need to add Orthopedic Doc to the list as the bruises and such from my fall last week have faded some but there is still a lot of pain.  One more thing for my body to deal with.  This too I shall overcome.  Back to the gym again today, thanks again to everyone who reached out to me via text messages tweets the blog etc to get me into the gym Monday.  I needed the little extra help.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that I have to fight.  I love you guys!!

3 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Sorry I was late to leave my support. I am so proud of you! Sweat is SEXY!!!! 😀

    Find that doc. I encourage you to get your knees looked at to make sure you didn’t cause an injury that needs attention. Take care of you!

  2. Go you!!! Great workout on your own in the pool even though the instructor wasn’t there! Kick arse! I hope your owies feel better soon and you find a doc to help you out. *hugs*

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