Thats not Fair!

Thursday I spent the evening at the Washington County Fair!  My very first experience with a fair here in Minnesota… and best I can recall my very first County fair ever!  I have been to a few carnivals in my life… but I don’t much recall them.  I was out there to support my dear friend Jenn.

This year she decided to dig her heels in and go after something that she really wanted… a ribbon for her photography!  Last week she prepped some photos and submitted them to the fair… and today I got to see them up close and personal.  She took home 5 (FIVE!!!) ribbons this year!  4 of the five photos she submitted took home ribbons!  How amazing is that!  She has a great eye for composition.

So we headed out about dusk to the fair.  We started out on the Midway.  The sounds and lights were just FUN!  I am sure I looked like a kid in a candy store looking around and everything.  The lights blinking and the noise.  The games with prizes… OMG you can WIN an MINION from Despicable Me!  I didn’t try as I know it would be cheaper to just buy one from a store, but perhaps another time.

We headed thru the midway to the barns where the exhibits were.  We spent probably close to an hour looking at everyone’s photos.  Talking about use of light and shadow.  Debating the use of Photoshop in the competition.  We spent a fair bit of time critiquing others work, talking about what could be submitted into categories next year.  It was great!  We picked favorites and least favorites… and made sure if we were going to talk about a photo more harshly that no one else was around.  I just don’t understand photos that are 100% out of focus.  I know it is a “thing” but it is not my thing.

The smell of funnel cake and mini doughnuts lingered thick in the air.  Pronto pups and cheese curds were abundant.  I took a deep breath as we walked through the food carts.  We consumed… NOTHING!  That’s right… we passed the test.  No food was consumed at the fair.  I was very tempted by the funnel cake… and the pizza that looked like it was truly east coast inspired.

There was one more thing I had to see before we left the fair.

What are Ewe lookin at?

The Sheep Barn!  I can’t miss the sheep!  Somewhere along the lin sheep and I bonded… no not with velcro gloves in the light of the moon.  I remember having a t-shirt as a kid saying something about being fluffy not fat.  There were a few sheep that kept trying to get super close to me.  Like getting VERY friendly with me trying to get out of the pen and eat my shorts!  I can’t pass up the opportunity to visit with my sheeps! (like my peeps!)  I was super excited about the sheep!

So after my 4 mile workout at the gym today, and wandering at the fair… my step count according to BodyMedia Fit was at 11,804.  A new record for me.  It isn’t real hard to make new record right now as I havent had it real long but it was pretty impressive I thought.  So I call yesterday a success!

I am looking forward to the State Fair!  Especially since ever since I have left the fair I have been singing….

8 thoughts on “Thats not Fair!

  1. Ah, the magical Paul Lynde. 🙂 That video makes me SOOOO happy!

    Thank you, dear girl, for coming all the way out here to to boondocks to support me. Having you there made it more “real” for me, which in turn made me feel more pride in what I’d done. Thank you, too, for the beautiful rose. It truly made me feel like a champion.

    Speaking of champions — WELL DONE on yesterday’s activity! Keep it up; just make sure you keep enough fuel in the tank. 😉

    Love you, girlie!

    • I think the 25th is a discounted fair admission day… and you know I am cheap. However that means more people, so should I wait and go the next day? What are your feelings? Is one better than the other?

  2. I used to try to figure out which days would be least busy, then realized it’s packed there EVERY day. Go when it works for you. I could do either evening (after 5ish). I need to spend my full fair day with Nick the next wk. You can join us then, too, if you’d like! Wee! Fun! Yay!

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