My Saturday, One Step One Breath Summer Part 1

Greetings Everyone!  I’m Kris!  I hope some of you are stopping by for the first time, welcome.  I know I spoke briefly to a few new people at the Priorfatgirl event Saturday, but I didn’t really share my story.  Feel free to poke around and get to know me and what I am about.  There is a lot to take in here… and lots more road to cover as my journey continues to unfold.

Before I get started with a recap, I wanted to make a note that the PriotFatPack has now become the Fat2FitPack and we have started using the hashtag #f2fpack.  Please make sure you are following the right hashtags to not miss anything fun!  The Facebook group name has changed too!  Fat2FitPack is not an exclusive club.  Just request to be added and we will get right on it!  Or ask someone in already to add you!

So Saturday was the PFG One Step One Breath Summer event!  I love these events.  Mostly because I get to see everyone again.  I enjoy seeing the changing shapes and sizes of my friends, I also love meeting the new people at the events.  Let’s start at the beginning of my morning.

Like every PFG event, I was running on no sleep.  I arrived into Uptown around 6:15, parking was already looking tight with vendor trucks clogging the street setting up for the art fair that would take place in just a few hours.  I parked my car on the street and walked to Lunds.  Grabbed a starter coffee at the Caribou and some Raw Revolution mini’s.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see these!  Their bars are great!  However I hate consuming bars that have several hundred calories, so the 100 calorie ones make a great little snack.  The Raw Rev Chocolate Coconut bar is actually my go-to “candy bar”.  I think i actually need to go back and stock up on them… just incase they disappear! 🙂

I strolled back up Hennepin Ave enjoying the sights of the early morning.  The tents for the art fair all closed, like little presents waiting to be unwrapped.  Even at 6:30 or 6:45 in the morning the city while it bustles I can find this undercurrent of calm energy that flows through me. Each city has its own heartbeat.  I try to find it each place I go, but I think Minneapolis has my heart.

I moved my car off the street, so that someone who was going to be at the art fair could have the spot and put it into the parking lot of the coffee shop we were having the first part of the event at.  If you live in the area you should totally check out The Beat Coffeehouse!  They have been super great for hosting the last bunch of PFG events.  Their space is large enough for a group our size but small enough that it still feels intimate, because let’s be honest.  Weight is a sensitive issue.

I sent out my usual pre-PFG tweet, letting people know I was around chowing down on my breakfast in the car.  I had a Stonyfield (greek) Okios 0% strawberry yogurt.  Sadly I didn’t care for it, and threw about 1/3 of it away.  It was overwhelmingly sweet.  I may try another flavor, but I may not.  Perhaps if it is on sale, but I wont be paying retail for it again.

I sat and surfed twitter, and emails and ate my breakfast, chugged my water from my new Kermit the Frog water bottle… (Brita, I love you, but you make me work too hard to get the water out of the filter when I need a quick sip so I am making a change, no excuses, no exceptions!)  Before long a stranger approached… STRANGER DANGER RUN AWAY!  No, it was @Solanum03 aka Mel!  We had never met before, but she came over and said hi!  A lady truly after my own heart.  We chatted for a bit, seems we were both running on the insane no sleep pattern.  We hit it off like old friends, high-fives were exchanged and before long Ann was arriving!  We were informed they were ready for coffee orders inside, so I knew I was going to be making a bee line for the 1 Liter French Press!

I had prepackaged my creamer (almond milk with sugar-free raspberry syrup) all pre measured into a water bottle.  I have been so on-task this week.  So now all we needed was Jen to open the doors and say we could enter.  As we waited others started to arrive.  It was amazing to see so many familiar faces.  The difference you see in someone on their journey when you only see them every few months is truly amazing.  It is part of the battle that we all face when we see ourselves day in and day out.  You don’t see the difference, but I saw more tone and definition in so many ladies, I saw weight loss, and more happiness in so many people.  It was just such a good feeling.

Check in started, and before long we were all mingling.  I met a few new ladies who could surely use some support!  Be sure to head over to Emily’s Twitter and say hey! There were so many people I wanted to talk to and so many people I didn’t get to say more than hello to, and even a few I didn’t even get to do that with.

Before we got started we were already behind schedule… which is actually the order of the day with all the events.  There is never enough time to discuss everything you want to cover.  People think it is a girl thing, and it might be, but I think it is a well informed thing.  When was the last time you went to google to look something up and didn’t spend extra time surfing around the web.  That is what it is like!

So there was a brief intro then Mary from FitThisGirl got the show started. Mary is, first of all, AWESOME!  I felt connected with her instantly, and was so stoked to finally get to meet her in person.  I love that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk.  She has been down the rocky road and practices what she preaches.  She shared with us a bit about her story.  She was overweight, a smoker, a drinker, unhappy with her life and clearly has done something about it!

Mary was very real about her journey.  She spoke about how even when she started getting healthier she was still doing things that were holding her back, for example, smoking.  Can you spot any of these things in your own journey? You don’t need to share them with me.  But think about it for a moment… For example, Is that Diet Coke really better for you than water, or in my case how about that fancy coffee drink, did you drink water before you had that latte?

Mary was very clear that this whole adventure that we are on is about more than being thin, which is something I concluded a long time about.  It is about being healthy.  So… Healthy… That is a little vague right? My blog is KrisGetsHealthy, I have my own definition of healthy.  It encompasses more than just my body.  It is about my physical, and mental wellbeing.  I have clear defined goals set for myself.

I am big about things being about the journey and looking around on your way to your destination.  To do this however you have to pick a destination.  To pick a destination (or goal) you have to be clear about what you want.

  • Be clear and concise about what you want.
  • Write them down this makes them real
  • Define your goals and refine them.

Our goals, the Final Destination of our journey, is never a stopping point, it is just the place where we take the next step, however for the sake of the example lets say it is the end.  We need to pick an end point to get to!  For example: When I started my journey I wanted to be “healthy” I wanted to be able to walk up the three flights of steps to my apartment and NOT feel like I was going to die.

I could make that trip every day, but I was not healthy.  As I reached my door and got inside the first thing I would do was sit down.  Now I do all kinds of things.  Put groceries away, tidy up.  I don’t rush to sit down.  I made it to that destination, I was “healthy” but it was not enough, that wasn’t healthy.  Things change and I adapt and redefine what I do.

Another very important point that resonated with me and I feel that I live up to is that you need to stop focusing on the problems and making excuses and shift your focus to the solutions.  The solutions are your guide to the destination.  If you read the posts from #BackOnTrackWeek you will see a No Excuses No Exceptions photo.  I feel that I very much am a problem solver.  I made so many excuses, and accepted them for so many years in so many aspects of my life that it just became second nature.  Those excuses hold us back. If anyone has ever done what you want to do, then there is no reason you can’t do it, at the very least you can fail trying your hardest.

Mary talked a bit about there being strength in numbers, and surrounding yourself with people who you want to be like.  I totally support this!  As I have come along on my journey I have found myself having a few distinct groups of friends.  My healthy living friends, and my other friends.  They are slowly starting to mix and mingle and I love that!  The best part of the blogging and social media community has been the way it has allowed me to foster relationships with like-minded individuals.  It lets me surround myself with strong women and men who I want to be like.  From physical strength, to book smarts, to knowledge of the world and life experience.

I concluded at the beginning of my journey that as I got stronger, both in body and mind that the better you are, the better the pool of people available to you is.  if you only have a kiddie size pool of people to draw from, lets face it… you can get a gem here or there… but you can find quite a few losers.  When you have an olympic size pool, think about how many opportunities there are for awesomeness there! So many opportunities to find amazing people.

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow!

You have the power to create your truth.  You have the power to create and destroy your own barriers.  For example when you create the truth that is the new you… that drinks water instead of soda… and you have reached that pinnacle of I can’t drink anymore water because I hate the taste of water (been there!) You have to look at the statement you are saying. I can’t… really it is an I wont statement.  Even more than that you have to look to the fact that you are not being honest with yourself.  The true you is a Water Monster.  You can do it because you drink water.  You are healthy.  This is your chosen path. Yes an icy cold soda would be refreshing and oh so tasty, but it goes against the truth that you don’t drink soda.

You are bound to run into people whether they are friends, family or co-workers who are going to be unaccepting of your new-found self.  They may push you or challenge you.  You need to stay strong in your beliefs.

I am going to take a break here since this post is mega long already… More to come! Stay Tuned!

One thought on “My Saturday, One Step One Breath Summer Part 1

  1. So wished I was there. I have to send you a fb request or the group, I would love a bit of support. I have decided that I need to get some truth on in my life rit now. The truth being what I have been doing is ok nut notngood enough. So I am getting on my big girl panties and starting something new. Prior fat girl weight lifting challenge as well as a new eating program called eating clean. I am very excited for this new week. Getting back on track is great, thank for th extra inspiration.

    Also, I just tried this raw bars..they are an eating clean option and I thought the coconut chocolate one was seriously on of the best things I have ever eaten.

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