My Saturday, One Step One Breath Summer Part 2

And we’re back.  I have now logged more than 3 hours of sleep and I am feeling a bit better!
So I left off telling you all about all the wonderful things that Mary had to share with us.  So lets pick up where we left off.

Lets think back to any geology or earth science lessons you know that as water from the ceiling of a cave dripping onto a rock will eventually make the rock change shape.  As the water drips for more time, a hole can be worn into the rock.  It is a process, that rock changes shape, it morphs into something it had never been before.  Can you imagine anything harder than the rock?  How can something as soft as water change that rock?

The answer lies in consistent change. This has been mentioned by every speaker I have listened to over the last few years.  I stand by every single one of them, and absolutely believe them.  The key to success is making small, sustainable, manageable changes.  For example, one of the first things I started doing was making the choice to stop looking for the closest parking spot when I go to the store.  This is easy right?  Park a little further away and walk.  Another example of what you could do is make the decision to cut out something from your diet.  Give up that diet coke, or high fat salad dressing.  Make the choice that during your 60-minute lunch break you are going to walk for 20 minutes and then take the other 40 to eat.  The key is really to be consistent with these changes.  Nothing happens overnight.  You cannot expect to see changes over night.  You didn’t put the weight on overnight.

Don’t get frustrated when you aren’t seeing those changes right away!  You need to focus on the little things.  Celebrate all the things you are doing, all the NSV’s (non-scale victories).  You need to look at things like clothing fitting better, and having more energy.  Before you know it you will be walking further without being winded, climb those stairs with less pain in your knees.  The key is to keep making those little changes and stick with them.

Mary was also very fond of something we all seem to dig, which is cleaner eating.  This means less processed foods.  Processed foods have higher levels of chemicals and preservatives in them.  Too much salt and sugar is not good for your body.  I am not here to tell anyone what to eat or not eat.  I am not the person to tell you what is right for your body, but I can tell you that when I eat any kind of fast food after having eaten so much whole, unprocessed food it makes me physically ill.  So what is clean eating?  I describe it best as being able to identify the parts of your food.  Being able to trace the ingredients back to their original form.  A piece of chicken should be the shape of the chicken.  A McNuggett when you break it open, looks like a sponge.  I can’t tell you what part of the animal that came from so I shouldn’t be eating that.  If it came from the ground it is probably safe to eat too.  Keep food simple, it doesn’t have to be fancy to taste good.  All those additives are like food crack.  We don’t need them.

Remember that you get to decide who you are and who you want to be.  You have to visualise yourself being successful.  See your successes in your mind.  Picture yourself the way you want to be!  Writing affirmations can help you feel stronger about yourself.  I am ___XYZ___.  The negative and neutral talk can stop you in your tracks, and even derail your successes.  Saying I can’t is just as bad as I won’t.  Along the lines of turn that frown upside down… turn those statements into I am I can and I will.  Be certain in the things that you know, especially because you know them.
Mary showed us how to use some resistance band exercises and squats.  There is a photo of me looking quite silly helping her out with a demo!  I was happy to help out.  If you know me, ever the people pleaser before, now knows how to say no, but jumps at the chance to do something fun and new!  So Here is a website I found that shows how a few of the exercises.

Mary showed us how to properly do some squats with a chair.  Along with some techniques if you need to actually touch down on the chair due to bad knees or anything like that.  Mary spoke of the importance of weight training.  This is an area that I really need to look into.  I have stayed away from weight training due to my ehlers-danlos but I think it is time for a change.  Body Weight exercises, such as push ups (like my push up challenge, which I am sad to admit I have fallen off the wagon on) can be done at home and will help build muscle.  Muscle burns more calories.  So cardio is great you go to the gym and workout, sweat for your 45 minute run and are done, but that person busting out the 45 minute weight session will continue to burn more calories than you after their workout is done.

However cardio isn’t a bad thing, you still need to workout! Apparently the ideal workout is about 45 minutes long and is repeated 5 or 6 days a week.  She talked about the newer styles of cardio training that people are doing now.  The most common seems to be HIIT.  High Intensity Interval Training.  Does that scare you?  Is it the high intensity that scares you?  Well are you doing c25k, then you are hiit training! The key to cardio training is to work out in the right heart rate zone.  Immediately my hand shot up and I needed to know how to more specifically calculate the proper heart rate zone.  We were each given  this heart rate guide.  I had been mostly following this chart, but training in Zone 4, which is not particularly a good zone to obtain any kind of fat burn.  It also dawned on me that because my resting heart rate is so low that I may actually be peaking into Upper Zone 4, or Zone 5 where near no fat is being burnt and it is pure carbohydrate burn.  What a waste, I mean I am sure that I need the exercise, but I want to see some results too.  So I am waiting for Mary to send me some more specific information on how to calculate my heart rate zones.

Mary did an awesome job presenting to the group.  I was so happy to finally meet her.  I am hoping to develop a relationship with her, and possibly pursue a training relationship with her in the near future.  She seemed to really have a great outlook on life and very similar goals.  She is really amazing.  I am hoping to get together with her for a walk or coffee sometime soon.

Next up was Jen, she talked about relationships.

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