Winds Of Change

So Ladies and Gents, the winds of change are coming.  Monday morning was the kickstart to another new phase in my #AugustAssKickin.  I fully expect this month to yeild success.  I will find success and define success on my own terms.  I will find victory this month.  The biggest one I want to see is the scale reading under 250.  Those that have been following me for a while know this is a big number.  It marks where a lot of people journeys have started.  I have been struggling to get under 250 pounds for months now.

Monday started a new schedule for me, in my already funkadllic world where I now workout TWICE a day.  Splitting up my workouts to perhaps get my body burning a little more efficiently, or maybe jumpstart it burning a bit more?  I am shooting to alternate the workouts between heavy cardio (elliptical or c25k which I want to start again, even though I am afraid of the bruising) and Water aerobics or strength training.  I am honest enough with myself and you to admit I am afraid of the strength training portion of this.  With my ehlers-danlos I worry that I can seriously injure myself at the gym working with the free weights or the machines. I really do want to work with the weights though.  I think it would help keep the tone of my body as I work to lose the rest of the weight that I want to take off.

So this week has been a little bit of a mix trying to figure out what will work and what wont, and looking at the schedule to see what is going on and trying to manage fitting in two workouts where as before I could just block out a chunk of time.  I know that I am worth the effort that it will take to make this work.  This change will likely not be forever.  I just want to see what this will do for my body.  Perhaps I will come to enjoy being at the YWCA when they open the doors in the morning, or shortly after they open, and again 10 hours later.

I think I am going to try switching to the Monday and Wednesday morning water aerobics classes, with a teacher I haven’t had before, (the class I went to today was great!  Step Aerobics in the water Hello Faboulous!) and hit the gym for evening cardio on those nights, then mix in my Cardio workout on Tuesday mornings and take the water aerobics class that night that I love.  That makes 6 workouts of about 45-55 minutes a piece and leaves me Thursday morning to workout cardio and go to water aerobics or not, or one or the other.  Fridays and Saturdays are pretty much impossible for me to get into the gym, work schedule and gym schedule are incompatible, but Sunday I can squeeze one session in which would make 7 workouts a week minimum.  Ass Kicking for sure.

One of the other things that I am now doing is making sure I am working out in the right heart rate zone for my cardio.  I am tired of doing all this work for naught!  Mary, from FitThisGirl, who spoke at the One Step One Breath event sent me the info today on how to properly calculate my Target Heart Rate.  I have come to realize that the heart rate I had thought was my target, is not actually my target!  I was training at my UpperLimitTHR and above that a lot of the time.  Talk about no good!  So I am working to crank back my intensity and listen to what my Polar HRM has to say.  I had gotten out of the habit of using it, but it is time to go back to it.

So I am pushing myself this month, pushing me to put my best self out there.  Pushing myself to make the best choices for me and for what I want from my life.  My journey is not already written, and I have days when I want to give up, there are days when I don’t know what I will do, or can do and then I talk to my friends, who are looking for the same answers.  I can guide them, and help show them that there goals and wants and dreams are worth going after, and I am starting to hear my own advice.  This is a good sign.  Look out world, you are about to see something special.  Kris is stepping out… and the world is about to rock!

One thought on “Winds Of Change

  1. I can’t wait to hear about the results that you have from all of this effort! Every time I read about the One Step One Breath event, I get a little sad because I had to miss it. So, you’ve probably already thought about this…what about the idea of using resistance band instead of free weights. Could that be a better option? Anyway, I’m proud of you! You are an inspiration!

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