Gym Talk

So all this new working out twice a day, changing my routine stuff has left me neglecting blog world.  Splitting my workouts up has been, overall good for me I think.  While I feel as though it is taking up a larger portion of my day, because I am in the gym TWICE, not just for one chunk, I find that I feel less pressured while I am there.

There had been times when I would go for my “marathon” cardio sessions, which could at their peak last up to three hours, and would grow so bored, and literally would feel the hate building for the boredom of the gym.  Knowing now that I have an end point preset every time I step onto what ever machine I get onto has me focused, giving it my all.

In giving it my all, I find I am still struggling with my target heart rate.  Well duh Kris, you have only been working on it for what, a week?  Holding myself back from going “balls to the wall” during a workout is super difficult.  I am looking into HIIT training more.  I think C25k may make a regular reappearance in my training, perhaps I will use the elliptical for it, just to push myself a bit.

I have a tentative schedule for my workouts right now, and it seems to be working.  I don’t want to lose focus though.  Mondays and Wednesday mornings and Tuesday nights are, at present scheduled for water aerobics class that is about 55 mins long.  I have these blocked out in my schedule.  I really enjoy being in the water and these classes are the ones that provide me with a little more of a challenge, or something different that the land workouts I currently do don’t provide me.  Outside of that I have “45-55 minutes of cardio” scheduled Monday & Wednesday  nights and Tuesday & Thursday mornings with the chance to take a water aerobics class instead on M, W, Th nights, which likely won’t happen, or would be simply more of a stretching type class as I have concluded I am just not burning enough to make those classes my workout.  I am also entertaining the thought of setting the alarm early on Fridays to get in a quick 30-min cardio session before my on-call starts.

Cardio, it is such a broad term.  I want to keep things interesting, and keep my body guessing about what is coming next.  I really LOVE the elliptical, like REALLY love it.  There are two types of elliptical machines, well three if you count the kind with no arms, in my gym.  I used one of the older models this week when the gym was really busy and I could feel the different muscle groups being used.  So I know I need to change that up a bit.  So I know I can use one machine one day and the other at another point.  There is also the recumbent bike, and my bicycle, and the treadmill.  What I am thinking about is perhaps making a training schedule of what I should be doing on which days, however I am worried I will fall into the I don’t want to do this trap.

So for now I will just keep rolling with the punches, and keep letting myself do what I want at the gym since I can’t do it for as long as I want.  It is kind of funny how that works…  When you can’t do something you want to do it more.  Today is Morning water aerobics (20-minutes of step aerobics in the water, plus some water barbel work etc) and tonight is cardio, I think elliptical but we shall see when the evening rolls around.

Please stay tuned to the blog this weekend… I am putting together something VERY special… I just need to get everything set up first.  You wont want to miss this!

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