My Loss is your WIN

Remember These Photos?

Thats a 180 Pound Lifestyle Change right there!!!

What do OatFit Oatmeal by Better Oats, Raw Revolution Bars, Popchips, Jack Links Jerky, Funky Monkey and Kerplunk and a skinny cow have in common? These are items you have a shot at winning in my Giveaway!

That’s right everyone… I tipped the scales, and turned things around and now it is your turn to win big!  I have now shed over 180 pounds and it is my turn to celebrate!  Much like my birthday It is time to give away some of my favorite things!  So who likes free stuff?  I think we all do!  Who like #WINNING?! (hey, I couldn’t resist!)  I have 3 gift packs to give away each containing an assortment of some of the items!  (This is another one of those self sponsored deals, so sorry if you don’t like what I have to offer, it was stuff I picked out, or in some cases have won, or was given an abundance of either way, my loss is your win!) 

Gift pack #1 Contains A 27 ounce KerPlunk Bottle (reuseable stainless steel bottle), 1 100-calorie bag popchips, 1 box Oatfit oatmeal (100 calories a serving), 1 Funky Monkey dried fruit snack, a Skinny Cow Chocolate bar, & 1 Chocolate Coconut Raw Revolution 100 calorie bar and an exercise DVD!

Gift pack #2 Contains A 27 ounce KerPlunk Bottle (reuseable stainless steel bottle), 1 100-calorie bag popchips, 1 box Oatfit oatmeal (100 calories a serving), 1 Packet of Jack Links Jerkey Bites, a packet of Funky Monkey dried Fruit, a Skinny Cow Chocolate Bar & 1 Chocolate Coconut Raw Revolution 100 calorie bar Plus a workout Dvd!

Gift pack #3 Contains A 17 ounce KerPlunk Bottle (reuseable stainless steel bottle), 1 100-calorie bag popchips, 1 box Oatfit oatmeal (100 calories a serving), 1 packet of Funky Monkey Dried Fruit Snack, a Skinny Cow Chocolate Bar & 1 Chocolate Coconut Raw Revolution 100 calorie bar 1 Set of Polar Fitness Earbuds!

So are you excited?

I sure hope so!  There are THREE chances to win! You can only win one time, sorry but I have to be fair!  Winners will be chosen by on Saturday August 27, 2011 at 20:00 central time. Please leave a separate comment for each method of entry and make sure I have contact info for you (i.e. email address)

So here’s How to Enter!

  1. Leave a comment telling me what your strategy is to get moving during the next week.
  2. Tweet about the giveaway, something to the effect of @Krisgetshealthy loses 180+pounds & celebrates with a giveaway at let me know you did that.
  3. Blog about the giveaway on your blog!

Good luck everyone!  Not just with winning this giveaway but with finding whatever it is you are searching for on your journey!  #Rawr!!! Keep Fighting!! You got this!!


24 thoughts on “My Loss is your WIN

  1. My strategy to get moving in this next week is to get my swim on!!! I am taking (for the second time, for fun) a swimming for fitness class at school which means I will now be hitting the pool 3 times a week minimum to get my lap swim on!

  2. Congrats on your 180 pound loss! The transformation between the two pictures is amazing.

    My fitness strategy for the week is to find a weight routine I can do at home. Since I have no desire to go to the gym, I need to find something that I can do while watching TV. I’ve tried 30 Day Shred, but it’s doing a number on my knees and hips.

  3. Well this week I’m finally getting the splint on my left hand off 🙂 It has been harder to stay motivated. Then I realized I could do Leslie sansone dvd’s and richard simmons dvd’s and I loved doing them!!
    But I can’t wait to slowly get back into doing weights 🙂
    I’ve also made up a menu for the next week to keep me on track. Oh and blogging will be so much easier when I can type with 2 hands.

  4. My strategy for getting moving the next week is plain and simple, putting it in my calendar, planning for it, making it a priority. I have appointments with my personal trainer and appointments with myself to go running. I will finish C25K this week, and I’m so PUMPED!

  5. Congrats on your amazing loss! You are inspiration.

    My strategy to get moving in the next week is to pack my workout clothes for the week and have them in the car. There is no need to go home and nothing I forget then. I will also plan my meals so I have to think less about food and more time moving.

  6. My strategy is to jump rope – I’m really busy at work right now, so I need something I can do indoors, and jumping rope is a really efficient way to use the time I have.

  7. Congrats on the fantastic weight loss!!!
    My strategy this week has been to pack my gym bag the night before, take it into work with me, and change into my gym clothes at work. Yes, I look silly walking out of the office like that, but I drive by my gym on my way home and if I’m in work clothes, I will drive right by it – even if my gym bag is sitting right beside me haha! Also, if I work out earlier, I feel like I’ve “earned” a little TV time in the evening 🙂

  8. I plan to make alarms for my workouts and put them in my calendar on my cellphone.. also, my mom is going to start asking me daily how I worked out.. she’s good at guilt trips..

  9. So, it’s more than a week since you posted, but since you hadn’t drawn yet, I figured I’d post, since I’m just over 12 hours away from competing in the Minneapolis Duathlon!! I’ll run a 5k, bike 18 miles, and run another 5k. Goal is 2 hours, 53 minutes!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  10. This next week, I’m hopping on my bike! The weather in MN is still gorgeous and I’m still unemployed so I have no excuses!

  11. Tweeted and mentioned you & your blog/contest 🙂 I’d do the direct link but I’m on my phone… (@thisenvy on twitter)

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