Can’t Won’t Don’t

So after my ground breaking revelation, “What If I Am Enough?” comes the scary part.  Some of you may say well what is so scary about that right?  Well, if you are truly enough, that means you are doing your best right?  Living your best life as it were.  Giving it your all, 100% really pouring your heart into things, and feeling good about it. 

At this point in life we all have a list of cants piled up right?  I can’t do this or that because of XYZ.  When was the last time you took a good heartfelt soul-searching look at that list?  Do all of those items REALLY belong on that list?  I have been examining my list of can’t over the course of my journey.  Each time I face a challenge I throw up this wall that says I can’t do that.  Oh a 5k I can’t do that.  What happened in May and again in June? I did that!  Oh I can’t ride a bike, became I couldn’t ride a bike. 

Ladies and gents, can’t are often mis-filed wont’s and don’t.  For a long time I said I can’t eat fish, because it is gross!  Eww Yuck!  In this last year I have undergone a transformation and now I crave it.  That CAN’T was a won’t and a don’t.  However I can’t eat walnuts, because they can kill me due to a food allergy.  Not that is a can’t. 

When I went to Mariah’s triathlon last weekend, wow it has been a week already, I said I can’t do this.  I came up with a list of reasons why and she looked at me and saw through my line of bullshit.  She called me on it too!  I love that about people, call me on that stuff, I call people on theirs, so please call me on mine!  My I can’t attitude about the Tri is really a don’t, I don’t do tri’s because they are hard, they are a lot of work, and I KNOW that in the end I will likely end up in a fibro flare.  Shhh!!! Don’t tell Mariah, I am planning on Tri-ing next years YWCA Triathlon.  Even if I finish last, atleast I can say I did it!

So I challenge you to do what I am doing and that is evaluate everything you are saying that you can’t do.  Why can’t you do it.  Is it a mental barrier?  Is it a physical barrier?  Beat down those walls and truly look inside of yourself and examine what is going on.  Perhaps there are things that you just WON’T do, and that is okay.  We are all adults, okay well most of us, there may be some kidlets reading this and that is okay.  We get to control our lives.  Make that list, its okay, but someday those wont’s might just become don’ts, and you may want to give them a try! 

Remember a closed-door is a missed opportunity, and it never knocks twice!  So kick down the door yell #RAWR!!! and go after what it is that you really want out of this life!

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