Super Sunday!

You know it is going to be a great Sunday when you get to do something you have never done before right?  Pushing your limits, testing the waters, and trying new things keeps you young and keeps you full of life.  This Sunday happened to be one of those awesome days!

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and saw that one of my friends there Bonnie Matthews had posted a photo, and was talking about how cool it is that people in Minneapolis mis herbs into their flower gardens.  Little did I, or anyone really, know that she had moved to this great city! I told her to enjoy what I thought was her vacation here, and was informed that she had moved here.  I was elated and excited beyond belief!  Bonnie is an inspiration to me, she has transformed her life with healthy eating and exercise and just has an amazing spirit.

I was so pumped when she said we should meet up at some point as she gets settled into her new digs here in the city.  During this last week we figured out that we are both members at the YWCA!  So we talked about a plan, and you got to love it when a plan comes together.  A workout and lunch, sushi to be specific!  She had not yet been to Tiger Sushi on Lyndale, home to my latest obsession “The Volcano”

Bonnie and I met up at the YWCA and we did something I have not done up until this point… ready kids… I did weights!  That’s right… I was lifting!  Nothing super heavy, nothing extreme, but I joined Bonnie for a leg day workout and it was fun!  She showed me proper form for the machines, and some exercises I can do with the ball and whatnot.  It was really fun, and a lot of work!  We did a few planks as well.

Let me tell you she is a powerhouse!  I cannot believe the strength in this woman!  I saw her do some amazing things, her planks with one leg, side oblique work, this thing in the roman chair where she had a 2-pound medicine ball between her knees and was holding herself up while crunching with it… freakin amazeballs!  She really makes me want to work on my muscles!  The cardio is great, but I need and want to become stronger.

Our conversations flowed non-stop, it is amazing how two people can just click.  I am so happy that she is here in Minnesota, it is just such a good fit for people who want to live a healthy life.  It is a place where I have found such happiness and healthiness and I really think it something you can’t understand unless you have been here to experience it.

We had lunch on the patio at Tiger Sushi, the sun was out, there was a nice summery breeze and we continued to chat non-stop.  We spent several hours together Sunday afternoon, yet it seemed like very little time had passed.  I think Bonnie and I will likely become very good friends, and I know we will be working out again together soon.  There are many more thing for Bonnie and I to chat about for hours and many more things to experience in this city, not to mention it ROCKS to have someone at the gym with you.


I would love for you guys to learn a little bit more about Bonnie’s story, she really is an inspiration.   Someone who changed her life, dropped over 100 pounds the same way I am doing it, with diet and exercise, isn’t a bad influence.  So Please feel free to go and check out her personal home page as well as her page for the Dr. Oz Show! That’s right she is one of Dr Oz’s Wellness Warriors!  You can also find her on Facebook, where there is usually a lively discussion on her wall about all kinds of things!  You should check it out!  You wont be dissapointed!

One thought on “Super Sunday!

  1. I have been reading daily, but not commenting. Bad, blogger-friend! Sorry, dear. Looks like things have been going GREAT and it’s AWESOME you could reach out to a fellow wellness and healthiness warrior. I’m sure she’ll fit right in. 🙂

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