Priority Overnight

I figured something out as I was getting ready to go to the gym this morning… My aspirations to be a PriorFatGirl will someday come true.  No I don’t mean be a blogger on Jen’s site, I mean to be a healthy weight living a healthy life.
So what triggered this change… it is simple. As I put on my Future Prior Fat Girl shirt I thought for a moment about how I have changed my life since the end of 2009.

I have made myself a PRIORity.  That’s right folks… in order to get where I want and need to be, as a PriorFatGirl I had to make myself a Priority.  Let it sink in now.  I think it was because of a conversation I had yesterday with the girl cutting my hair.  We talked about how I go to the gym several times a week, and she said she has a gym membership.  She doesn’t use it!  Her boyfriend makes her feel guilty when she wants to go, even though he has a membership too.  I asked her why she doesn’t just go, and she said she lacks the time.  I have heard this excuse so many times.  I have made that excuse so many times.

If I can find the time to get to the gym, or even work out in my tiny studio apartment here in the big city, with my crazy schedule then really no one should be making this their excuse.  I told her if she really wanted working out to be a priority she could do it.  It would not be easy but it is something we have to do to take care of ourselves.  I made it a point to explain that it is so important that we make ourselves a priority and that sometimes we have to do things like set the alarm early, or record a tv show and watch it later to get that time in at the gym.

I also explained that the more you do something the easier it becomes.  Things like going to the gym become routine.  I am right now working to change my routine and I am struggling with shifting my sleep pattern to reflect that shift.  I am still doing it, I am still getting my behind to the gym, getting my sweat on, and setting my alarm to go back in the afternoon.  This is what I need.  Once my pattern is reestablished and my body has become acclimated with my new schedule I am sure I will be back to normal and feeling so good! Until then I am just dragging myself through the day and night, trying to keep an accurate log of my environment and my feelings along with what is going on.

So as you head out today remember, to make yourself a Priority! You have to be #1 in your own life because you can’t be #1 in anyone elses! Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!


5 thoughts on “Priority Overnight

  1. Making yourself a priority – sounds so simple but it’s so difficult to do in daily life!!! Thanks for the reminder!! 🙂 I love it!!!

  2. I totally know how both sides of this story works, when someone wants something they make time for it, if you want it and prioritize it, a healthy lifestyle becomes automatic!

    The same happens with love I think, a person will think they don’t have time in their life for a significant.other..then they meet the right person..voila enough time for someone you love.

    So love yourself people!

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