We are All Winners!

Time and again you hear it, when you lose a game, or score the winning goal, everyone is a winner, and truly if you are doing your best to maintain, or strive for a better healthier life you ARE a winner.

Every decision you make to eat better or exercise you are winning the battle against the odds.  Obesity and sedentary lifestyles are so prevalent throughout the cultures I see most often and it breaks my heart.  So I want to say congrats to everyone for making the choice to get up and WIN!

Now I know why you are here.  You want to know if you are getting free stuff right?  How did I know?!

Well with the 20 hour extension of the contest added to the end time, because I had to work after my day at the State Fair, I give you the winners!

180 pounds lost giveaway Winner #1

Sarah N. From Finding My Fab Self

180 Pounds Lost Giveaway Winner #2

Misty from Life off the D List

180 Pound loss giveaway Winner #3

Marla From My Practical Life

So that is Sarah N (a Blog post mention), Misty (a blog post), and Marla (a tweet)! Congrats you three! I will be emailing you for your mailing information.

Thank you all for celebrating my weight-loss with me!  I hope you enjoy your prizes, remember the Traveling book is still open for entries!

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