Traveling Book Winner

Confessions of a Carb Queen, is hitting the road again!  Thanks to the three people who entered the give away.  I am unsure if people just missed the post about the book being given away, or maybe it is the wrong time of year for books to be given away. I would like to thank Misty, Liz, and Meredith for entering!

This means Misty is the winner of the book.  Don’t worry though you will have a shot to get your paws on this book again over on MISTY’S Blog when she finishes the book, that is the beauty of this book! It keeps moving through blogworld!  I thought I would take a moment and say thank you again to Ann, for the chance to read this book. I also wanted to share the other blogs that this book has traveled through.

Where the Traveling Book has Been… and Where it is heading.

I have the boxes packed up and ready to ship to the winners of the big under 250 giveaway!  SO if you won that I will send you an email as soon as they ship (this week!)

Other than that I am taking it easy this week, listening to my body, working out slowly, but consistently. I started this morning out with a nice recumbent bike ride in the gym to try to stretch the pain in my knees and hips out.  I will not give up this fight!  I will find a way to keep moving forward towards my goals.  September is coming and I need to make sure that scale is still reading under 250! 🙂

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