Finish Line? Off-Season?!

Tuesday nights #Fitblog chat was one where I actually felt that I didn’t belong.  Many of you know I only stay for the first portion of the fitblog chats.  Then I head off to my weekly trivia sessions.  This fosters a different area of my life and thusly keeps my life balanced.  My trivia friends are not the same people as my #f2fpack friends.  While some of them are more health minded than others, orders of chicken fingers and fried exist at the bar, because well it’s a bar! Anyway, back to fitblog.  This weeks #fitblog was about race reflection.

When I looked at the topic for the week I figured it was probably not even worth my time to say hi.  I don’t do races.  I have never competed in a TRI, or a duathlon, no ragnars for me.  I haven’t even thought about a half mary, in fact that scares me!  Heck, I can’t even run a half mile yet.  But I am getting stronger every day.

So after the 30-seconds of self-doubt that my head was filled with cleared out I remembered that this year I did actually complete a race.  I actually did two!  I completed two 5k’s within a month of each other.  I also have another one on the books.  I may not run them, but they still count.  So I popped up my intro, and jumped into the start of the chat with both feet.

The nice part about #fitblog is the dialogs that happen outside of the questions being asked.  The community comes together and it is a great dialog.  Ann from twelve-in-twelve joined in on her first fitblog and asked for some running advice.  I hope she got some answers.  It really is a great community!

Things were humming along, and people were talking about how their races had gone so far this year.  People shared their ragnar experiences, and other race stories.  It was cool to hear about the wonderful experiences that others had.  The questions continue, and then a nerve was struck.  A question was asked about what to do in the “off-season” …


Now, I understand that each sport has its own peak performance time, and winter especially in Minnesota is not that time for running, or biking, or well most outdoor summer activities, because they are summer activities.  However this REALLY struck a chord with me.  When you live a healthy lifestyle, being active is a part of your life.  There is no finish line to this adventure, and there is no off-season.

I have come to accept the fact that I will forever have to work out.  I am hopeful that I won’t have to spend as much time in the gym every week as I do now once I get down to my ideal weight (which I am unsure of where that is at this time).  I don’t think that I have any dillusions about it though.  This is my life now.  Eating right, and working out.  There was no training camp for this marathon called life, and no training camp means no off-season.

It is time to get used to it, because this is your life now, and forever.

3 thoughts on “Finish Line? Off-Season?!

  1. Thanks for writing about this! I’m not into racing ( I have walked a 5K, though), and didn’t really consider the fall/winter as an “off-season.” Sure, I may have to adjust my workouts due to weather, but I’m still going to workout!

  2. I DID get some great advice and I posted about it today!! Thanks for joining the #FitBlog chat and the reminder about no off-season!! It’s totally true!!

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