Missed it by That Much!

So during the month of August I was stepping things up for my workouts.  I am not giving that up for September, don’t worry.  I know that I need to continue to track my calorie intake and be mindful of what I eat and workout and push myself to get to where I want to be.  However during August I went back to tracking my workouts with DailyMile!

DailyMile lets you chart all kinds of things, and when I started using it at the beginning of the year I would chart my water aerobics workouts along with my elliptical workouts.  Now I am tracking just pure mileage.  So every day I would come home from the gym and plunk in my mileage.  So what did ass-kicking awesome August have to say for itself?  It said I missed the mark!  I missed the 100 mile mark.  I hit 99 miles.

I don’t actively participate in the #GoTheDist where you set monthly mileage goals for yourself, however after having just missed 100 miles for the month my just that tiny amount I can see how motivating setting a goal like that can be.  Perhaps for October I will set a goal mileage wise for the month, bot this month I am sticking with trying to maintain the 2 times a day 4 days a week workout schedule I have set out for myself. It is a very tough goal at times with my job.

I really struggled with it this week since the YWCA Midtown (my usual location) had their annual shutdown for pool cleaning this week.  That meant my workouts were all cardio.  Yuck!  I did have the option to hit the pool at Uptown or Downtown, but I made the decision to just do cardio.  The classes at the other facilities were not working with my schedule.  So be it, that is how it goes.

So next week starts the grind all over again, gym is closed Monday for the holiday.  So I hope everyone enjoys this “last weekend of summer”!  Don’t eat too much junk, get out and enjoy it!

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