Out of My Control

So in that last post I mentioned my trip to Chicago.  It was a quick trip for a wedding.  I stayed in a hotel, my available food selection wasn’t the best.  I made the best choices from what was available, but it still wasn’t without flaw.

So how do you deal with traveling and lacking food choices?  When I travel out-of-town generally I make sure I stop at the store when I get into town and load up on groceries so I can have some healthy options on hand.  I was unaware that the hotel room I was staying in was going to have a fridge or when we made the quick stop at Wal-Mart for sandwich meat the first night I would have grabbed some real food to stick in it.

I did pack in my carry-on some packets on Barney Butter, (which had to go in my 3-1-1 liquid bag!) and sandwich thins.  I grabbed some bananas from the breakfast bar in the morning. but other than that most of my food for the time I was there was bad news.  I had pizza, and I had a cupcake when the food for dinner was pretty much gone by the time we were fed at the wedding.  For breakfast I had yogurt, but wasn’t satisfied, so I ended up with some sugary-cereal and skim milk.

Do you have any tips or tricks for living out of a hotel?  I know Jen, a priorfatgirl spent a few days stuck in a hotel due to her house being fixed up post-tornado.  She had access to a car though, which makes like a different story.  I was stuck in a strange city relying on what I could scrounge.

When I visit my parents the first thing I do is make a trip to the store.    Loading up the fridge with things that are familiar to me.  Not so much snack-type things, usually I throw a bag of popchips or something in my suitcase for snacks.  Lean protein, fresh veggies.  It was just hard having no, or very little control over my food for a few days.  Then coming home and being sick, I feel like a bit of a failure.  I know I am not, but it is just how I feel.

So here I am, making my recovery stating there are some things that are just out of my control, admitting my choices were not 100% on target, but they were reset as I made each new decision.

So that being said, Don’t give up when you are having a bad day, or a bad run of decisions!  You have the power to start, and restart over and over again whenever you want or need to!

You hold the power in this relationship!

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