Recovery Effort

So after my escapade to Chicago for a wedding over Labor Day weekend I managed to come down with a cold.  This happens pretty much every time I fly.  I had previously had great luck with taking AirBorne, an herbal supplement before I got on the flight, this time I forgot all about it.  Most of you that know me know I have a pretty junky immune system.  So ever since my return from Chicago I have been under the weather.

It started out as a sinus thing, and has moved into my chest.  It seems that I am on the upswing from this round of the icky-sicky! I had a few days of almost no exercise, which is a real bummer and is reflected in the scale.  My crappy eating while I was in Chicago shows on the scale too.  Being sick is never easy on my body either.  I seek out comfort foods, things like ice-cream and popsicle that are soothing to my throat are popular, mixed with soup (accompanied with bread or crackers) and hot tea.  The Progresso “Light” soup line has been a wonderful thing for this bout of sickness.

The weather is shifting here in Minneapolis.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  The cooler temperatures welcome me to open the windows and let the cool autumn air in.  It also means it is time to start baking things like butternut squash and cooking those warm oven classics again.

I am looking forward to feeling back to 100% again.  I have hit the gym with regularity this week.  After missing my 5k on Sunday, (I volunteered my time, but was just really not feeling up to running, or walking it.  Plus I have not yet been cleared by the cardiologist to resume my higher activity level yet) I have been a bit bummed.  So Monday I did my 2 blocks at the gym and yesterday I did my two blocks at the gym.  Today I have at least one scheduled block at the gym as well.

I still find myself struggling with this new schedule of broken up cardio.  Going twice a day really does consume more time when you factor in things like 2 commutes to the gym and two showers.  I am looking forward to my cardiologist appointment in October to get some answers.

I am due back to the Weight Management Clinic at the University of Minnesota next week, and I am thinking I may be hitting my limit there.  They have been a great resource for me but I may just be past them at this point.  I have reached a pinnacle of support in my real life from friends and community who will help keep me from sliding back into old habits.  I pay a large chunk of each visit out-of-pocket and I think it is time to cut the ties for a while.  My progress has slowed since March, and I don’t feel bad about it, I feel as though I am living a healthier life than I was and I am making the right choices at this time.

With 6-8 45-55 minute long cardio sessions a week, plus tracking my food, my progress is slow, but steady.  I just have to keep reminding myself that this is not a sprint.  This was bound to happen at some point during my journey.  I just need to keep changing my activities and varying my caloric intake to make sure that I am getting what I need.

I feel confident in my pending decision.  I am unsure how Dr Beckman will feel about my decision, but I think if I give it six months on my own we will not see progress in the wrong direction.

So as my body repairs from the latest bout of sick, and I regain the ground I lost from uncontrollable surroundings hang tight.  It’s about to be a wild ride.

One thought on “Recovery Effort

  1. Kris-
    I’m so glad you are starting to get back to feeling like yourself. Being under the weather sucks, even more so from flying. I hope you get good news in October, you are doing so good. You are right, steady is good. Slow and steady rocks. You can and will do this, stay strong my friend. RAWWWRRR. Congrats on being bold and being willing to listen to what you need at this time.


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