Veggie Say WHAT?!

So this week marks my venture back into veggie-land.  After my battle last week with food poisoning I have jumped off meat, but only temporarily.  I figured that I needed to give my gut some time to rest and reset.  Don’t get me wrong, I am an omnivore at heart, I would say a carnivore, but I do love my veggies too much to say I would only eat meat!

Do you ever go through cycles of eating no meat?  Dabble in the world of #MeatLessMonday?  I was alerted to the fact that October 1st is World Vegetarian Day!  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t!  So I am not here to preach about the wonders of being a vegetarian.  I am certainly not one to tell anyone how to eat.  I just wanted to offer a glimpse into some beginner choices for vegetarian foods! Keep in mind just because something is vegetarian, or even Vegan, doesn’t mean it is healthy!

Fave Vegetarian Foods for Beginners
Oatmeal topped off with berries, or apples, nuts and milk (or milk substitute)
Scrambled eggs
Roasted vegetable sandwiches with hummus(which you can even make yourself)
Salads (Pasta, Potato or Green!)
Vegetarian (think Mushroom, Pear, Cauliflower) Rissoto
Soup made with vegetable broth Like onion(not beef broth based) lentil or black bean, veggie barley, minestrone
Three Bean Chili
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Vegetable Lasagna
Quesadillas with veggies and cheese
Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce (you can use the recipe from KitchenWerks!)
Veggie Stir Fry
Veggie Burgers
Eggplant parmesan
Frozen fruit smoothies
Cheese ravioli
Cheese Pizza
Oven roasted veggies
Grilled Veggie kebab

There are tons of options out there, it is all about finding something that matches what you are hungry for!  I am a huge fan of mushrooms and find Portobello mushrooms a great substitute for meat when I want to lighten up a meal that is traditionally very heavy.  There are also a ton of vegetarian frozen meals you can try, I haven’t given most of them a shot because well lets be honest here, they are processed!  Tons of sodium and other things are pumped into those foods and while they are great when you are in a pinch it is fairly easy to throw something together when you have good foods on hand.

Now I know there are eggs and milk in some of those things I listed up there, and for me that is okay.  I am not pretending to be vegan, I am not out to change the world.  Like I said I eat everything most of the year, but this week I am letting my insides take a break from breaking down cow and chicken, pork and fish.  rebuilding my gut with yogurt and whatever else I can find should be fun!

Who knows, maybe I will start doing meatless weeks more often just to get out of the ruts that my kitchen falls into especially in the winter.

2 thoughts on “Veggie Say WHAT?!

  1. Something to look for one of my favorite meatless products is called Sunshine burgers. They are a bit hard to find by they are dairy and soy free which I like. They are made with veggies and nuts and are so good. I think why I iike them so much is they aren’t meat pretending to be something else, it is a veggie and nut burger and it tastes yummy.

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