Just Keep Swimming

So I am battling back from the food poisoning debacle that sucked away the previous week of my life.  It left me feeling as tought I had been hit by a train.  So far this week I have reemerged into the gym slowly.  Back into the water I went.

I very much enjoy my time in the water.  I feel that it has been a great way to transition my body back into working out again.  My first day back in the pool (Monday morning) I was unsure if I would even have the energy to make it through the workout.  I ignored the clock and chatted with my partner in crime.  As we neared the 50 minute mark I really started to get tired, but the good news was, it was time for stretching and a quick sauna!

Tuesday-nights class has often been referred to by newcomers as hell class.  It involves things like laps and is a much more intense workout.  I went into class well rested, and I felt focused and sharp.  I channeled my energy into the laps, I pushed my body.  By the end of the aerobics portion I was tired, and hungry.  I felt like I was starting to get my groove back though, which rocks!

Wednesday morning came around and I was truly starting to regain my edge.  Wednesday is step day in water aerobics.  I love the steps in the water, the opportunity to do the steps in the water gives my knees just the right amount of break that they need and allows me to push for my cardio like I desire.  There were new people in class this morning and I felt proud to push myself and set a good example for myself.

I find that a lot of people who come into the water aerobics classes think they are going to be super easy, and have these preconceived notions about it.  When there are skinnier girls that come into class for the first time I confess I always get super self-conscious.  So what happens at that point?  I push myself SO HARD!  I want to prove that I am just as good as anyone else, no strike that I want to prove I am better than they are!  So that is what Wednesday morning was about.

I pulled my abs tighter, I made my steps quicker, I kicked my legs harder.  I dug deep into my childhood ballerina training and drew my focus firmly inward.  It was a competition, and I was #WINNING!  It seems silly but I am tired of people judging me based on my outward appearance.  Especially when it comes to physical abilities.  I may not be able to run quickly, or play sports in any professional capacity, but in the water, let me tell you, I rock!  I may be big, but I am at home in the water.

So I am on the road to a full recovery from my sickness, and I think it is really important for anyone that is recovering from sickness to get right back into their routine.  Don’t jump back in too quickly, but get back into moving as soon as you can.  It would be so easy to just be lazy and continue to postpone the gym and returning to a healthy active life until I feel better.  However life will not wait, the week I was sick I could feel my progress slipping away.  I craved crackers and bread and gave my body what it wanted.  Now I pay the price for that. So remember it is about getting back up there and continuing to move forward with every opportunity!

3 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Since I’ve read the title of this post, I can not get Dori out of my head. I’m glad that you are feeling better! I’ve always been intimidated by aqua classes. There are so many great options! I’m so glad that you have workouts you love!

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