Ranch Delivery System

So it is confession time here on KrisGetsHealthy.com I love ranch dressing.  I used to put it on just about everything!  Pizza, french fries, chicken wings, salad, pretty much anything.  Saturday night on SNL there was a sketch where Melissa McCarthy was dumping ranch into her mouth… I was sickened to my stomach.  My food was often times a ranch dressing delivery system.  I see people all the time pile massive amounts of the white stuff onto their salads, and drown other food items in it and it makes me sad.

There is a new food being marketed by Popeye’s Chicken that is REALLY getting under my skin.  It is called “Dip’n Chick’n” it is a battered and breaded scoop shaped piece of chicken designed to scoop up more dipping sauce!  We the people of the obesity epidemic of the United States of America DO NOT NEED a RANCH DELIVERY SYSTEM! Seriously it is designed to scoop up more sauce!  The last time I had mass market chicken strips they held onto more than enough of the high sodium sauce, with their fatty deep-fried coating staying perfectly attached.

I understand the desire to keep your product line evolving, and having something new to keep customers coming in the door, however this just makes me sick to my stomach.

Don’t get me wrong, I still eat blue cheese or ranch dressing but not in the way that I used to.  I often make ranch dressing at home.  I take plain greek yogurt and mix it with the Hidden Valley Ranch packet.  It has a nice zip to it, sometimes I make it into a vinaigrette!  I also still have my regular salad dressings when I go out to eat, sometimes I go for straight vinegar (skipping the oil), or whatever low-fat/lowcal option they have, but sometimes that house-made ranch or blue cheese is just so worth it!  I account for the calories of the dressing in my calorie count, and I don’t drench my food in it.  I want to be able to taste my salad, and not be playing find the ranch covered bacon and cheese in my bowl!

So what do you think about Popeye’s new bite sized dipping sauce delivery system.  Are you as disturbed by this trend as I am?  Did I mention that it only costs $3.99 and comes with EXTRA sauce, fries and a biscuit?  Yep, we are on a trend to get America healthy.

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