Healthy Eating

As I sit here late at night thinking about all the possibilities life holds, as I watch the late night tv commercials and with the rerelease of the Lion King in theaters a few weeks ago bringing back a few memories.  (Like sitting at the drive-in devouring a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza hut with my brother and my cousins! YUCK! Makes my stomach churn to think about all those calories and fat I consumed.  Ugh!  Oh you brought air popped popcorn and carrots no thanks theres pizza!  We never get pizza at home! )  There are a few tv series starting this fall, Grimm and Once Upon a Time, that got me thinking about fairy tale stories. I love fairy tales!  From Grimm to Disney, I enjoy them all.

I was thinking about the story of Snow White and how it is sending the wrong message to kids.  We all know the story right?  Snow white bites the poisoned apple… what kind of message does this send to kids?  Apples could be poisoned, and while there are other morals to the story, true love, don’t take food from strangers etc, hello…. fruit=poison?! Not cool!  How about we rewrite the story that King (Mc)Donald  sent out a poisoned fruit pie to the fair maiden (Debbie Little) loaded with saturated fats or something?

I don’t know why this dawned on me at 3:30 in the morning… or why I felt compelled to share it… but it is something to think about as you read the story of Snow White to your kids at bedtime!  Remember, you can always make the witch give her something else, you make the story your own!

Poisoned doughnut anyone?

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