Psyched Up Saturday!

So a few weeks ago on my blog I mentioned that Fall has arrived here in Minnesota… Apples, the smell of the leaves, the wind blowing, the feel of autumn everywhere.  It is October… and it is in the 80’s.  Where has the fall I have come to love gone?
I have taken this as a blessing!  I am not craving a daily dose of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I am still craving my daily apples though.  Every week I am stopping by the local farmers market or the local super market, or both to pick up several pounds of my beloved fall treat!  Not that fall is the only time to eat apples, I eat them year round… it is just the good ones are available this time of year.
So… today is what I like to call my Super Saturday… they don’t come around often, but today I get the opportunity to meet up with some fellow healthy living locals at a coffe shop for some quality conversation!  The downside is that it takes place on a Saturday morning, the upside is that I make some wonderful contacts, new friends and resources are always welcome on this journey.
As I write this post it is 6:55 in the morning and I am sitting outside my gym… it opens at 7:30 and I am ready to get my sweat on.  The local farmers market (Midtown Farmers Market) is setting up its tents across the street to vend their wares on this gorgeous Saturday morning.  They will be my next stop after my workout.  I don’t usually have the luxury of a workout on a Saturday because I work a 12 hour shift, 4pm-4am so this is my bedtime.  I am taking full advantage of my day!
This afternoon I have a trivia tournament that I am participating in!  My friends and I play every week at our local watering hole, and we have done extremely well this time around.  So that will take a few hours of my afternoon away.  I know depriving my body of sleep isn’t something I should do, and I don’t do it often, but when the opportunity arises to do things that I am passionate about I jump at them.  Do you have something other than weight loss, diet and exercise or blogging that you are passionate about?  How do you incorporate it into your everyday life?  It is a tricky balancing act isn’t it?
What does your weekend look like?  I already know that being up as long as I am tends to throw my eating off, so I will be paying super close attention to what I eat, and making sure I am getting my water in today.  I also packed a healthy snack of an apple and popcorn in my bag.  Nothing like getting trapped with nothing to eat.  Not that I couldn’t just go to a store or a restaurant but I prefer to have something planned.  Failure to plan leads to trouble as we all know.

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