What’s the worst that could happen?

Do you ever put things off?  It can be anything from mowing the lawn to going to the dentist.  Things you know have to be done, but you just can’t seem to find the motivation to do them?  Things you can’t be bothered with like cleaning the windows of your house, because seriously why does that even matter?! How about that sink full of dishes or that load of laundry.  We live in the land of I will do it tomorrow, or I will get to it next time.

How many of us are guilty of saying, I will start my diet tomorrow, next weekend, after I get through this stressful situation at work, after the new year the list goes on and on.  Each excuse adds a page to the book that becomes your life.  Another page you have to look back on and savor that missed opportunity!


Saturday I had the most incredible day, I met so many like-minded individuals at the #PFGMeetup at the Beat Coffeehouse in Minneapolis.  We sat down, in a circle and it was almost like an AA/NA/OA/etc meeting, but way better, super high-test YUMMY coffee (or water, or hot chocolate, or chai).  I am hoping as these meetings become more regular that more people will come and take a leap of faith on their weight loss and healthiness journeys and stop the procrastination cycle.

I certainly hope that so many of the women who opened up about themselves during the meeting know that I will carry a piece of them forward with me on my journey.  I am always learning from others, growing and changing.  I hope that someone took something away from the things I shared as well.  Like I said there are things that I don’t put on the blog, but that I will still talk about.  It is the nature of life.


I am hoping that these new #PFGMeetups will start happening more often.  There is another one scheduled for November 12, at 10am again at The Beat Coffeehouse in Uptown.  Everyone is welcome no matter where you are on your journey.  Men and women alike should come along!

So what have I been putting off that I am tackling?  Well, I got rid of another bag of clothes that were much too big for me.  I wasn’t hanging on to them because I was afraid I was going to need them again… I had plans to get them up on the Great Clothing Exchange website… yeah… I don’t have time to take photos of all that stuff… and the last things I put up there never moved… and it was something I got from there… so into the bin all that stuff went.  It felt good to stop putting that off.

I would like to acknowledge I am lust as guilty for not seeking out help t lose weight earlier than I did as the doctors I had at the time were for not listening to all the other things that were going on.  It takes a team to make things work right.  I waited so long that I was literally in a position that I had to fight for my life.  If I can stop one person from getting to the point where they feel like they are going to die inside of their body, then I know I have done well for myself.

I was told more than once during Saturdays amazingness that I was an inspiration, to which I never hesitated to say thank you.  I genuinely feel gratitude that someone can find something meaningful or inspiring in what I have done.  I find it hard to believe that what I have done is anything special a lot of the time.  I feel a lot of anger that it took so long to get into a mindset where I could say, I will give it my all, if you are willing to help me.

So what is the worst thing that can happen if you put things off… well if you put things off for too long you can face things like increased risk for cancer and diabetes, heart attacks and stroke.  Monday I face a cardiologist and I fear he is going to tell me that being morbidly obese damaged my heart so bad that there is nothing I can do about it.  I waited too long.  Then again, maybe it will be nothing.  What happens when you have a windshield with a crack in it.  It is fine for a while, you ignore it and it spreads a tiny bit, then eventually it streaks across the whole darn thing!

Now let’s think for just a moment, what is the worst that can happen if we keep making those good decisions?  If we keep applying ourselves, making plans seeing them through, using our support systems and giving it our all?  Yes there is a chance that we are going to stumble.  Yes it is very likely that there are going to be things that we don’t want to do.  Whether it is eating veggies, or working out, but DO THEM!  The worst things that happens is you get a little sore, or you don’t like your food.  So what, if you get a little bit more time with your family or some time to do things you like isn’t that worth it?

Just something to think about on this Sunday as I finally go to bed… 42+ hours awake leaves me feeling… well… incoherant… sorry if this post lacked flow!

2 thoughts on “What’s the worst that could happen?

  1. So excited to have met you! You are an amazing person and very much an inspiration! Just your insight and your understanding of healthiness matters blew me away! It was great to meet you and so many others who have been there, done that, got the T-shirt, know what it is like, and love ya anywayz 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you today and hoping that your appointment goes well!

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